Monday, June 06, 2005

The Comfort of Sleeping Next to Somone

Why is it you feel safe with a guy's arms wrapped around you? You feel comforted by the fact that there is someone to protect you. Yet there are some people you can sleep next to comfortably, and others that you just pray they will go home soon. Is there something intimate about sharing a bed? If so, why is so acceptable for siblings to share a bed? Are there different circumstance as to when it is intimate and not? If you share a bed with your best guy friend, does that fall under sibling? Whereas with your boyfriend, is that intimate? When you first meet someone, does your initial interaction within a relationship dictate which heading "sleeping in the same bed" will fall under? And can it change?

Can you sleep with your significant other in complete comfort and after you break up, still be comfortable? Or does it immediately change to a sibling type of comfort? Is it perhaps just awkward due to feelings not being extinct? Can the comfort level change as time heals wounds?

I have slept next to people where the comfort level is unexplainable. It was this instant satisfaction. Everything felt right, fit right, and yet, nothing worked out. There are others, that I just hoped that they would get up early in the morning and scurry off. Him on his "side" and me on mine, trying to stay as far away as possible. So what made it so unbearable? Was it him and the impression I had gotten? Or was it the actions I was afraid he might take? Do some people just fit better than others?