Monday, April 18, 2005


Here are some random quotes and stuff from CO - if you want further details - just ask!

"Did he check our names off the list?" "Don't think so" "Oh well".... just tell the doorman you are on Eric's list

"How much for my drink?" "Don't worry about it, that guy got it" "Um, ok, thanks"

"How much for our drinks?" "The guy over there got them..." "Which one?" "Um, I don't know, one of them over there." LOL

"Sorry Eric, I just wasn't fast enough to catch them kissing"

"Your Brother is trying to have phone sex with me!" -oh man, drunk siblings!

"My best friend and bro are talking about cum on boobs and phone sex. Isn't there something wrong about that?" "haha, never"

"We can bitch and go shopping, so let's go shopping"

"Why did we walk around that whole mall again, we only really went to the first store...."

"I'm not drinking." "I don't think I am drinking either" "How about this, after dinner we'll go by the Rio for Margs, first round, my treat." - later on, most of us were a little drunk

"At least someone is bold enough to stand over here" "You're old, don't fucking touch me" - about 5 min later I pushed the guy off the bar stool and we all left.. LMAO

"Dave called huh? Make sure she knows not to tell Lisa..."

"Ryan wants us to go to the Walrus." "He isn't worth it, if he wants to see you, he can come see you..." - Shortly after, Ryan shows up

"We can fit 5 in my car" ...."can we try to fit 7??" "I guess I could fold the seats down"... 7 people in a Toyata Celica Hatchback, Avg. height @ 5'11"

"Boulder is not that big, what takes a cab so fucking long to get here."

"Where's Brandi?" "Not upstairs" "Her shoes are here." "I don't know" "Her clothes are here" "She'll be back later than" - coming home @ 6 am

Colorado Chicas

Tuesday, April 05, 2005


This is a little anecdote from driving to work this morning. You will probably find it a little entertaining.

I have had my "new" car since November of last year. Like most luxury cars, my car has a built in cell phone, however seeing I already have one phone, I saw no need to activate another. I don't need to pay for two. Logical right? On my way to work, nice and early mind you, I am cruising along listening to music, and the phone in my car starts ringing. It stopped my music, and kept ringing, thrown off, I couldn't figure out why it was ringing. As far as I know, it is NOT activated. I pressed the radio on/off switch, which didn't do anything. Fully knowing that my computer in the car is NOT a touch screen, I touched it anyway, trying to get the annoying thing to stop. Finally I hit the talk button on the steering wheel to find that no one was there. Perplexed by the situation, but relieved the ringing stopped, I kept on my way to work. Again, the phone started ringing! This time a little more calm, I turned the dial and hit answer. It was some dude from Nextel looking for someone else... I politely told him he had the wrong number then he asked if I was some hospital. Does it sound like I am at some hospital?? How strange. Needless to say, I was very confused. I don't think I even have buttons to dial a number, although after thinking about it, I just may. I will be checking this out after work. I should have asked him what number he called. HAHA. Anyhow, just thought that might give you a laugh, I was definitely laughing at myself! =o)

Monday, April 04, 2005


Birthdays are a weird thing - it is the one day that is "ours", although we probably share it with more than a thousand other people. It is rare to have more than one friend that shares that special day, that is if you have even one friend that shares it. We build this one day a year up in our minds every year. Planning for that big blow out! Hoping that even if we don't say anything, everyone around us remembers. It is like that big test of who cares and who doesn't. The day we get random calls from people who we thought would never recall it, and those close to us forget to remember.

Getting caught up in my own world and the weekend, I failed to check the date today. It is April 3rd - my good friend Jessica's 23rd birthday. She is a couple hundred miles away in sunny Arizona and I couldn't be there to celebrate with her, although I did one more wrong, I didn't realize what day it was until 10 pm tonight. I am typically good about these things, I keep a book with all my friend's known birthdays. I think birthdays are great! They give us a reason to celebrate and they give people their own special day. A day when they can feel like King/Queen. However it seems more often than not, this 'special' day is one that we would like to forget every year. Hoping that the next will be that much better than the last.

I know this far too well, for many consecutive years, I had this habit of crying or getting disappointed on my birthday. I have been to Vegas the last 2 years and this coming year will be the 3rd. Each year is better than the last, and yet, every year I hope the next will be perfection. It is funny how you can have some of your closest friends in Vegas for the one reason being your birthday and still have people forget to wish you Happy Birthday, on that very day. So I am apologizing to Jess. We are human and make mistakes, but here is the birthday song...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you! Happy birthday to you!! HAppy Birthday dear Jessica! Happy Birthday to you!!! LOVE YOU CHICA!