Monday, April 18, 2005


Here are some random quotes and stuff from CO - if you want further details - just ask!

"Did he check our names off the list?" "Don't think so" "Oh well".... just tell the doorman you are on Eric's list

"How much for my drink?" "Don't worry about it, that guy got it" "Um, ok, thanks"

"How much for our drinks?" "The guy over there got them..." "Which one?" "Um, I don't know, one of them over there." LOL

"Sorry Eric, I just wasn't fast enough to catch them kissing"

"Your Brother is trying to have phone sex with me!" -oh man, drunk siblings!

"My best friend and bro are talking about cum on boobs and phone sex. Isn't there something wrong about that?" "haha, never"

"We can bitch and go shopping, so let's go shopping"

"Why did we walk around that whole mall again, we only really went to the first store...."

"I'm not drinking." "I don't think I am drinking either" "How about this, after dinner we'll go by the Rio for Margs, first round, my treat." - later on, most of us were a little drunk

"At least someone is bold enough to stand over here" "You're old, don't fucking touch me" - about 5 min later I pushed the guy off the bar stool and we all left.. LMAO

"Dave called huh? Make sure she knows not to tell Lisa..."

"Ryan wants us to go to the Walrus." "He isn't worth it, if he wants to see you, he can come see you..." - Shortly after, Ryan shows up

"We can fit 5 in my car" ...."can we try to fit 7??" "I guess I could fold the seats down"... 7 people in a Toyata Celica Hatchback, Avg. height @ 5'11"

"Boulder is not that big, what takes a cab so fucking long to get here."

"Where's Brandi?" "Not upstairs" "Her shoes are here." "I don't know" "Her clothes are here" "She'll be back later than" - coming home @ 6 am

Colorado Chicas


Lindsey said...

What a weekend! I am so glad you came out to visit! I miss you already! But, hopefully I will find my way out there next month! Well I love you and the pictures are so cute!

Martin Cumba said...

And you're worried about me causing trouble on a cruise ship? C'mon now, the only reason I got into trouble on the cruise was because I hung out with you every night! haha! And by the looks of this blog... sounds just about accurate. ;) Well done though!