Tuesday, May 25, 2010


The last three days have been a blur. My family arrived in Charlottesville on Saturday evening. We met my boyfriend's family for dinner - a total of 13 of us. It went quite well given that was the first time everyone had met. Ivy Inn, a restaurant that is one of the many recruiting staples, did a fabulous job! I was initially worried by the 5 course price fix though the portions were good size and I actually didn't feel sick after dessert.

Sunday morning I attended the entire UVA graduation on the lawn. Though a cool experience, the ceremony was long and a little boring. The heat likely didn't help either as we were all preparing for rain. That afternoon, Darden also held their diploma ceremony. Not only am I now a graduate of the Darden School of Business, but I am also the proud holder of a piece of paper that says Faculty Award for Academic Excellence. I graduated in the top 10 percent of the class (which I only found out when my name was called). It is funny how you're entire mind goes blank when they call your name to receive the diploma. In the audience, you notice the extra woo hoos when names are called. Though on stage I heard nothing but the couple faint words the dean spoke as he shook my hand.

Sunday evening consisted of 5 classmates and their families at my boyfriend's for dinner. It was a great way to end an incredible two years.

After the long day of festivities, I woke early to pack my car. By 11.30a I was on I-64 West, headed for Louisville. Last night, I arrived to my new residence for the next 9 months - corporate housing in downtown Louisville. And now that I'm done with breakfast, I'm off to my first day at work.

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Friday, May 21, 2010

SF, Bahamas, Beach Week

Honestly, I'm ready to be in one place again. Heading back to the Bay Area is always a highlight. I hadn't been home since Halloween, which may have been the longest sabbatical yet.

During my stay, the man and I ventured to Berkeley to see two of my first year friends at Haas. It is always interesting hearing about others' business school adventures. I don't want to say comparing, more so exchanging ideas and experiences.

I held a small Cinco de Mayo party at the house that allowed me to see two of my married friends and their young children. We also attended a wedding of one of my good friends since I was 15. Trips home always seem short these days and I feel there are always more people to see. With so many friends with young children, it has become harder and harder to coordinate nights out. I suppose the longer I am away, the more times change and I have to realize that.

The Bahamas was a great trip. The older I get, the more I revel in my parents' company. We ate well, drank good wine and enjoyed a couple nights on the dance floor. The weather was a bit windy though still gorgeous. BVB and I swam with the dolphins one afternoon before meeting up with the group to try the "not so lazy" river. We also convinced my dad to try every water slide with us.

After one night back in Charlottesville I drove to the Outer Banks in North Carolina for what is known as beach week. Houses that fit 6 to 30 people are rented along the beach by second year Darden students. Our house was a lot more low key than some of our classmates. Given that the weather wasn't great, we played lots of video and board games. Turns out the Wii and Rock Band on PS3 were the favorites. The Outer Banks truly signifies the end of Darden. Grad weekend is here! Let the rest of the festivities begin.

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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Five Days

In some alternate universe, I'd be looking forward to this weekend - planning excessive drunk nights out and thoroughly enjoying the fact that graduation is HERE! Beach week is over (more about that later) and I'm back in Charlottesville doing what I do best lately - packing, donating and cleaning. There will be 32 of us in attendance for graduation dinner on Sunday night. I have 4 cases of beer (12 bottles/case) and 1.5 cases of wine. Plus, I'm sure there will be some liquor. It should be a blast. However, I will likely be worrying about Monday morning more than enjoying Sunday night. Monday is the official kick off of the next adventure.

Monday morning I leave for Louisville, KY. Seven hours in the car later, driving West on 64 will put me in my new home for the next 9 months - the corporate apartments of a well-known hotel in downtown Louisville. Tuesday morning, I start fulltime employment! I suppose the end goal after two years of new friendships and intense learning is to return to the working world in some form or another. While I have aspirations of potentially becoming an entrepreneur later in life, I chose the big company route for immediately after business school. Besides one classmate, I have the earliest start date yet. It feels weird as I know most people are here for another week to pack up their belongings whereas I am almost out the door.

We have received emails about "De-Dardenization" which is essentially removing the Darden specific setup on our laptops and adding a new "Non-Darden" email to our alumni profiles. Two years ago this seemed so far away. Even when I returned home, no one could believe that it had actually been two years already. I keep thinking that work and the "real world" are so far away, until I realize it's a measly five days and they are fast approaching.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Thanks Clear Admit!

This post is long overdue. However, I've been in San Francisco since May 3rd and am now off to the Bahamas, which will be followed by beach week in the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

I'm pleased to say that I've been recognized yet again by Clear Admit and my peers. Thank you all. It is good to know that someone actually reads my blog, though I never anticipated I'd have a small following.

Check out all of this year's winners. Congrats to those who were and were not recognized. You all enrich this community.

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Sunday, May 02, 2010

A Different Type of Celebration

Classes finished on Thursday and I capped off my Second Year by attending the Leadership and Theater performance of "Morning After." This is the same course I took as a 5-day J-week where by the end, the group writes, casts, directs and performs an original play. It was quite amusing and fun to watch my classmates (and boyfriend ) perform. Unfortunately, instead of going out that night as many of my classmates did with the intention of getting heavily intoxicated and streaking the lawn (which is an old UVa tradition), I headed home and hit the pillow early. I needed to be alert to take my DAO final.

This weekend was also Darden Days, which is Darden's admitted students weekend. The temperature has hovered around 90 degrees and I've been stuck inside. My early start date and choice of galavanting prior to graduation means I'm packing this weekend. I'm not quite ready for reality and I'll admit I'm a bit bummed I've missed out on all the weekend's festivities. I recognize that this is mostly by choice as I have chosen to go spend a week in San Francisco (home) before the Second Year class invades the Outer Banks (in North Carolina) for beach week. But at the same time, I never imagined this is what it would be/ feel like.

Last night was LASA's legendary end of the year party. I was stuck in my closet folding suits, boxing dresses and generally removing all memory of my stint in Huntington Village. I suppose the celebration will have to come at a later time. Maybe once I finish packing and my 2000 word essay on Thomas Jefferson is completed.