Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Jet Setting

The weekend vacations began last Saturday with our crazy 9 hour trip to Vegas! Kels and I had a BLAST! The next escapade will be Washington DC this weekend to visit Mack. Luckily enough I got ahold of Miss Amanda and hopefully she will be joining us in DC for at least an afternoon seeing it has been 2 years since I have seen her.

The weekend after that I am headed towards my alma mater, University of Co, Boulder. We won’t venture back to Boulder, but will be showing some team spirit at Invesco Field in Downtown Denver on Saturday afternoon for the CU v. CSU game. Fuck em up Fuck em up GO C-U! I am sure we will act silly and pretend we are in college again, only to not want to move from the couch the morning after. Definitely looking forward to seeing all the CO kids and celebrating Christine’s b-day (although a few days late).

After three weekends of travels I will be settling down ‘til the end of October when I run off to Vegas, again, for Halloween. That will be a night to remember... or maybe not.

The multi year tradition of West VA will be continued this year for Thanksgiving. December will bring a year end trip to Salt Lake City for skiing making it back just in time for a ball drop in San Francisco. January will kick off visiting Jackie and Jenn in St. Thomas.

Basically, it’s going to be some crazy busy months to come! Catch ya during my downtime. :o)

Monday, August 28, 2006

One Night, No Hotel

If you know me, you know I love Vegas. I am constantly getting questions asking where people should go, what clubs are good, and what sights should be seen. I have planned 4 successful birthday bashes in Vegas with the last one being the best. I think I have officially mastered the art. The birthdays have become a full production, planning starts 4 months in advance, but you can almost guarantee a year out, that there will be another one the next year. Having all my friends in Vegas with me is a treat I can't explain, however the spontaneous trips are an experience of a lifetime.

I surprised one of my guy friends with a 12 hour trip to Vegas for his 29th birthday last year. I thought it was a little bit crazy, but it was well worth the cost. Kelsey and I were out at Ruby Skye a month ago talking about how it was sad that she couldn't come to my birthday. She said she really needed to go to Vegas and more so WE needed to go to Vegas. One thing led to another and somehow we were talking about doing one night in Vegas, balls to the wall (of course that is if we had balls)!

We started checking ticket prices and each day we waited ticket prices went up. We finally said forget it, let's book it! We're going to VEGAS! The adventure begins…

Having no idea what I was going to wear on top, I had picked out shorts and heels. The plan was to wear flip flops, bring heels, and change at our leisure when we got to Vegas. Kelsey showed up at my house a little late due to some traffic. I printed out our boarding passes and my brother drove about 90 to get us to the airport "on time". Luckily there was no security line! We hit up BK for dinner. Not exactly my first choice, but hey, greasy food before you drink was a great idea. Our flight was delayed a few minutes, but nothing major. I decided that See's Candy was in order about midway through the boarding process. The damn lady couldn't move fast enough and I swore I was going to miss my flight because of chocolate. Kels and I were bouncing off the walls when we got on the plane. The flight attendant inquired as to why we were so happy. We explained that we had to be back on a plane in 12 hours… she told us we were whimsical. WTF?! I think of fairies and shit, but whatever.

The flight to Vegas is about 1.5 hours, however 1.5 hours of anticipation doesn't exactly go quickly. We broke out the headphones and found a dance station! A beer for me and a Vodka Cran for Kels, we were starting to get a little silly with the altitude. As soon as the fasten seat belt light went off, we jumped out of seats and managed to squeeze our way up 7 rows! That means a lot when you were sitting in row 21. That's 42 extra people you don't have to wait for! We booked it to the taxi line of which there was none! J Going to the Wynn, no freeway, don't take the strip, please take the side roads. Think I've been here before? Kels whipped out her phone and immediately started texting people.

We got to the Wynn and headed to Lure… quick stop in the bathroom to change our shoes and get beautified. We were expected at Lure and Drew wasn't as surprised as Kelsey had hoped, but sure enough he hooked us up with drinks anyhow. Kels decided she was getting me FADED! With an open bar tab, that wasn't hard to do. lol We danced our asses off for a while. No dance floor needed, we had all the room we wanted by the door. Hardy came and hang out for a while, met a white boy that could dance. At some point it was time to move on, probably when our open bar tab got cut off because we ran it up to $200… ooops!

We went to catch a cab and go to Jet @ the Mirage. The first cabbie told us that he wouldn't take us because it was within "walking" distance. I bet that asshole has never walked a Vegas block in heels. Oh well! The next cabbie definitely got the benefit of a nice tip because the first one sucked. We walked right up to Jet, saw Larry, he immediately escorted us in, free. We got a shot, which Kels was not about to finish in the same two swigs I had. Danced for a few min on the pole and decided we were WASTED and it was time to go back to Lure.

Walked out of the Mirage to a long taxi line and decided to swap shoes and walk. Got back to Lure, danced, hung out for a bit, said our good byes then walked to Venetian for breakfast @ the Grand Lux. Kels took a nap for a while as Hardy and I ate. At 6 am we caught a cab to the airport. We were running a little late. So late in fact, we couldn't get a boarding pass for our flight, we were wait listed for the next. However instructed that they don't CANCEL reservations, so if we got to the gate on time, we could get on our flight. Let the running begin. We started asking people in the security line "7 am flight, mind if we pass". Most people were nice but there were a few downers. My favorite was the lady that said, you should've gotten up early like the rest of us. I looked at her and politely said, I haven't been to bed yet. Caught the tram to Gate D. We ran from the tram to the gate and somehow BARELY made it on time. BEDTIME!

Back at SFO we landed in the international terminal and water had never tasted so good to Kelsey as she drank from the water fountain. Mom picked us up and I crashed out. Kelsey headed home because she started work at noon, OUCH! What a fuckin night!