Thursday, December 22, 2011

Office Cheer

It's a funny thing… office holiday cheer, also known as sweets, treats and sugar. Sometimes I think I would have a "healthier" day if I just worked from home. Early this week, I managed to spend an entire day walking by the cinnamon-sugar pound cake and didn't have even a bite. That said, it was half demolished by 11a. For the last three days, someone has so graciously brought in donuts. That's another treat that while they smell good, I feel horrible after eating them, like a rock just hit my abdomen.

We work in a cube environment and each cube has a bit of storage space with a flat top. You're not supposed to put anything on the top, however treats or other miscellaneous food items seem to be the exception to the rule. Maybe the thought is that these items won't be there long enough for anyone to be scolded. On one of the nearby storage tops was a set of brownies this morning. They looked homemade, so I asked who made them and took one as a morning snack (I was missing my 10a snack after all). I thanked the baker via IM and was promptly informed that she baked the brownies at 5:30a. WOW! Frankly, I'd rather be sleeping. To her, she was just spreading the holiday cheer.

While the office always seems to have goodies that magically appear, lately it has been far worse than normal. I can't quite figure out if people want to share the holiday spirit or if they feel less guilty when someone else indulges with them. Working in health has made me incredibly jaded about the decisions individuals consciously make. In a country that has an obesity rate around 30%, I shouldn't be surprised by all sugar filled snacks. I am one of those people with a bad sweet tooth. I just choose to indulge in moderation and hope that you think about doing the same the next time the office fills with free food. And if I don't indulge in moderation, I really should be running an extra couple miles at the gym. Maybe today is worth 3 mi. ;)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Thoughts on the End of a Chapter

I wrote this in October. It seems I never finished it or posted it.

Some moments, I breathe with ease. Other moments, I struggle to keep the wells at bay. It's hard to comprehend how we got here. Divorce. You would think at an age of understanding that this would be easier. I find myself over thinking the actions and reactions of the two "adults" that I call mom and dad. It is weird to think that now there may be a negotiation on where Christmas is held. Not to mention that while I myself am not married yet, I already feel like my family has doubled in size. And with that, so have the obligations. 

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Dress Day

I walked into the store at 9a sharp, my mother by my side. Awaiting my arrival was my friend B and my future mother-in-law. I didn't know exactly what to expect. There were plenty of gowns and two trunk shows to boot. That day was to be the day I bought my wedding dress.

Our hostess showed us to a plush dressing room to drop our items. Then she and the four of us went to the main room where the Rivini Trunk show was setup. We started grabbing gowns. and moved from designer to designer until it was finally time to try on the gowns. The gowns varied from Cinderella fancy (and a hefty price tag) to sleek body hugging trumpet gowns. Of course, they all hug as most of them are made for people two sizes smaller than I am. I was just thankful that the gowns fit over my hips without having to go over the head.

I put on the first gown. I'm not sure exactly what I thought I would think or feel. I suppose the entire moment was anti-climactic. I looked in the mirror at a dress, that just happened to be white. And frankly, did not look very good on me. With that, the dress was off and we moved on. Towards the end of the first batch, we found a dress that everyone, including me, loved. From there, trying on dresses went into hyper speed and became much easier. Now we had a comparison. Was each subsequent dress better than "the one"? Turns out, 15 + dresses later, the answer was still no. We even ventured to the sister store, Vera Wang, where the second trunk show was being held. Pretty, but not "me". I'm not exactly sure with what I would have ended up if my friends and family hadn't been there. Mom was actually the one who picked out the gown for me.

After three hours at the bridal boutique, I walked out knowing which dress I will wear on my wedding day. I only have to wait 6 months until it is available for me to take home and alter. Afterwards, the ladies and I went to review bridesmaid dresses – LOVE LulaKate. We even decided on a slightly different color than what I had been thinking.

Very successful day! Another checkmark has been added to the list.