Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Thoughts on the End of a Chapter

I wrote this in October. It seems I never finished it or posted it.

Some moments, I breathe with ease. Other moments, I struggle to keep the wells at bay. It's hard to comprehend how we got here. Divorce. You would think at an age of understanding that this would be easier. I find myself over thinking the actions and reactions of the two "adults" that I call mom and dad. It is weird to think that now there may be a negotiation on where Christmas is held. Not to mention that while I myself am not married yet, I already feel like my family has doubled in size. And with that, so have the obligations. 

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Paragon2Pieces said...

i'm sorry to read this! it can be tough. i have a set of grandparents that divorced in the 70s... we've spent the last couple of weeks negotiating the whens and wheres of Christmas. hopefully, your family will manage the holidays better than we do!