Thursday, July 28, 2005

Girlfriends of the 21st Century

I often wonder what it was like to grow up when our parents did. I look at the young girls today and wonder where their role models went. Wearing next to nothing, caked on make up at the movie theaters? What is up with that? Once upon a time e-mail didn’t exist, the internet was 56K dial up if you were lucky, and IM was a service that only people who paid for AOL had access to. Now, there are networking sites, a phone number isn’t any good unless you also have their AIM, Yahoo Messenger, or iChat sn. You e-mail your friends because you don’t have the time to talk to them. Single conversations don’t even exist. You talk to your best friend who is talking to another mutual friend, who is actually also talking to you as all of you carry on an extra 3 convos. I will admit it, networking sites, Myspace, I am addicted. I don’t know how my day would go if I didn’t have it. It is what keeps me busy at work and I have found that it makes communication with no time so much easier. It’s funny how the internet will go down and you think life is over. If a download doesn’t complete within 10 seconds, something is wrong with the internet.

Basically, we are connected! We have a cell phone on us 24/7. The first thing we do when we return home is check our away messages. The last thing we do before bed is check our e-mail. Hoping someone, somewhere, was thinking about us long enough to want to say HI!

But the question is, in our parents age, did a girl friend run away from her other girl friends to answer her cell phone? No. Cell phones didn't exist then. So has technology changed everything? Am I better friends with those people in different states because of technology? Or worse friends with people in my current state because of it?