Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Four Legged

They are our friends. Our companions. They're family. They're there to greet you when you return home. They're affectionate anytime you need it. They become a piece of you, of your being and your history.

I drift between being an absolute wreck and being solemnly ok. Last night was rough. Alone with my two favorite pups and I couldn't have felt more helpless. Lolli lied there, uncomfortably. At times she pushed herself, only to end up yelping and on the ground. I slept as near as possible, shoes on. Whatever she needed, I wanted to be there.

I could hear the exasperated panting. I think it even seeped into my dreams. By 5a, I think she settled long enough to close her eyes. I knew I could no longer help by myself. Her legs weren't working. She was in immense pain. And yet, nothing but wags and smiles.

I left the vet this morning, her attached to a stretcher, knowing this was likely it. The confirmation didn't come until after four this afternoon. It's time for Lolli to join two generations of friends on fours.

Thank you for the fond memories. You wore red the best out of any of them. Your constant smile and happy charm brought a lot of love out in all of us.

Rest in Peace Lolli. You will be missed.