Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Initiate Blog Sabbatical

And it begins... tonight I catch a redeye out of SFO to JFK for the Forte Conference that officially begins on Friday. Tomorrow night, I will feast with some other Darden women at Cercle Rouge in NYC. Never been, but after a quick investigation, it looks promising. The Forte Conference is sure to be filled with networking, new friends and a lot of useful information. Turn on the thinking cap!

I just finished the first Semi-Final of the EuroCup and it's official, Germany is going to the FINALS!! After a few crazy days in NYC, I leave Saturday night and fly to Berlin, just in time for the EuroCup finals! I'm STOKED! Find me a beer hall with a TV. Germany will be a whirlwind - spending no more than 2 solid days in any one city and returning to the states on July 7th. Just in time to plan a birthday fiesta and pack my things for Charlottesville.

I've officially completed the first of an array of summer reading and I can't believe it only took me 4 days. I suppose the fact that the book is interesting helped. Hopefully that's an indication of what's to come at Darden. My computer is purchased and I did go American, Dell D630. It'll be available for pick up starting July 24th - during my first trip back to C'ville. My configuration appointment is on July 31st, my first official living day in C'ville. I registered for the Excel course starting August 4th and a career planning course. I'm still debating if I need to take the Econ course. If I don't take it, I have 5 days to settle in, but perhaps the class is more helpful than whatever else I'll do in those 5 days. There's still time to register if I change my mind. Lastly, I sent off my check for Darden's outdoor adventure the weekend before school begins. I couldn't turn down camping, hiking and tubing in Virginia with fellow classmates!

As you can see, it's been a productive week and the most exciting part was setting up my UVa email address. Virginia, like many schools, has a typical sub-par webmail application, however, you can may opt to migrate your email address to Google (Gmail) or MicrosoftLive@Edu. I chose the former as I've used it for a lot of my personal correspondence and needless to say, it's fabulous. Looks like, feels like, and acts just as Gmail does, except it has a pretty UVa insignia in the top left corner.

Items left to complete:

Update Resume to Darden's preferred format
Register for the BCG Event in either Boston or SF
Sign up for health insurance

Hope everyone enjoys the next couple weeks!

Sunday, June 22, 2008


Yesterday was an incredible afternoon spent up North in the heat for a friend's housewarming party. On my way South, my friend and I stopped in SF to meet some friends and discuss the night's festivities. Turns out my friend managed to forget to transfer everything into her purse, including some form of identification. After short deliberation, I let her take my car to pick up her ID so that we could all go out. Roundtrip, the drive is about an hour. I tend to be quite anal about my car and rarely let anyone drive it unless I am in it. Even then, it amounts to less than 1% of my overall driving, but she is a good friend and a good driver, so I entrusted her to be careful.

She returned as quickly as she could and soon enough we were out on the town. It was a great night with the girls and I slept soundly on the slightly slanted futon. Unfortunately, my morning was met with despair when I got to my car. I went to unlock the car and realized that it was already unlocked. At first, I thought nothing of it, but then I opened the door to find what little I had in disarray. Chargers, iPod shuffle, 2 pairs of designer sunglasses, an empty Coach purse and my soccer bag, stolen. It's an incredibly frustrating feeling as I feel in someway it's my fault. I should have either a) gone with her or b) headed home instead of giving her the responsibility. She didn't say much, but she swore she locked it. Indeed, I don't doubt she tried, but it's hard to believe it when all evidence is against it. Additionally, I suppose I'm more comfortable with the thought that my car was open than someone had a magic key that duplicates my remote access.

I'm desperately trying not to be mad at her, though I do feel a lot of frustration towards her and that almost makes me feel guilty. I would have liked a little more remorse or perhaps a couple words of comfort instead of an awkwardly silent drive home. Nothing is irreplaceable, however, the hassle is enough to drive me crazy.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Move Date

After much deliberation and indecisiveness, I set my move date. After a whirlwind 9 day adventure among SF, C'ville and Vegas, I will officially move on July 30th! I can't begin to explain how much stress I've felt setting this date. I know it sounds silly given that I obviously must move before classes begin, but I have had huge commitment problems for the smallest of tasks. All that is left open in my schedule is July 8th - 21st. My birthday falls on Friday July 18th and I have NO IDEA where I'm going to be for it. A few friends want that information now and I can't help but postpone the decision. I'm crossing my fingers that things settle down in my boyfriend's world so that I may visit him before I move to C'ville. Planning in advance is not his strong suit; he is much more of a last minute person. Good news is, he flies in on Monday, so I get to see him for a few days before I run off on my next adventure. WOO HOO! :)

I finished the last of my modules today! Very excited to be done, but a bit disappointed I didn't score better on the test. I will simply have to check the answer key when I get to Darden. I received the first of the 6 books I ordered from Amazon. I'm hoping the remaining arrive before I leave on Wednesday as I want to finish the required reading and attempt the optional reading before pre-term classes.

Looking at my calendar, I'm going to be SICK of airplanes by the end of July! Luckily, I won't have time to travel once class begins.

On unrelated news, I've spent the last few unemployed afternoons watching the EuroCup 2008. Incredible matches! Germany v. Portugal was a great game and a great disappointment to many Portugal fans, (I'm secretly hoping Germany makes it to the finals... I land in Berlin June 29th - the day of the finals.) Today I watched Croatia v. Turkey and seriously contemplated a nap around the 100th minute. Happy to say, I forewent the nap and thus saw the practically back to back goals for the two teams forcing the match into PKs. Such a horrible way to win or lose a game, IMO. I'm still trying to figure out how I can watch Netherlands v. Russia tomorrow as I'm supposed to be up North for a BBQ starting at 2p and the game ends a little before then.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Quote Update

Though I should be working out right now, I am embracing whatever fire was lit under me and cleaning house. I suppose it's something I shouldn't shy away from as it's not every day that I actually enjoy cleaning. And thus, cleaning has led to pieces of paper with random quotes about friendship. It's been a while since I've added a list, so here it goes. (Not to mention, for the 2011 applicants, friends are sometimes hard to juggle when the application season gets crazy.)

A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out. - Walter Winchell

A friend is someone who is there for you when he'd rather be somewhere else. - Anonymous

Your friend is the man who knows all about you and still likes you. - Elbert Hubbard

A good friend remembers what you were and sees what you can be. - Anonymous

True friends are those who are there for you unconditionally. Never do they question, but always offer support no matter what the circumstances. They are the people worth living for. - Anonymous

St Thomas, USVI

St Thomas, one word: INCREDIBLE! I spent 7 days on the beach, attended a beautiful wedding of two people who are completely in love, took a boat trip to BVI and shared laughter and smiles with a handful of good friends. Absolutely a perfect trip and to think, I almost missed it all! Enjoy some scenic pictures below...

Darden: My welcome packet arrived while I was away and it all seems so soon. I look at the calendar and wonder where the last 4 weeks went and how quick the next month will go. A list of required and recommended reading was also posted during the week away. I suppose I should finish my last pre-matriculation module and get to the reading. I also need to decide on pre-term classes.

My roommate and I officially receive our apartment this Saturday, though the keys won't be picked up until 4th of July weekend when she moves out there. Starting to feel the shock that I'm actually leaving SF, IMO, one of the greatest cities in the world. Today, I also received an email from a fellow class of 2010 Dardenite who apparently followed my blog through their journey. I'm still in aw over the small world, and internet, for that matter.

Computer: I think I've decided on the Dell D630. The specs are basically the same between that and the T61, but as my dad put it, if you can't decide, buy American! I know it's a silly reason, though it seems logical.

Forte Foundation: Attending the conference next week and trying to figure out what I do with my suit when I head to Germany. I think I may bring a Tyvek envelope with me and mail it home. Thursday night is set aside for dinner and drinks with other attendees, but I'm contemplating missing it and going on a CU Alumni boat trip with a college friend. Maybe that defeats the purpose of my trip. However, there are many forms of networking.

Soccer: Two games this week and after a week of fried food and drinking, I definitely need the exercise. I thought 2 weeks ago would be my last game, but it seems I've squeezed in a few more and this will definitely be it. It makes me a bit sad as soccer is definitely a part of me I don't want to lose over the next two years. Pick up games will definitely be planned at the beginning of the school year.

Pending Trips: San Diego is in the works for this weekend, though I need to connect with a friend to determine logistics. Funny enough, I've never been to SD and have spent the majority of my life in SF.

Class of 2011: I'm so happy to see so many active members of the next class. Sometimes I read my posts from the beginning and it makes me realize how far I've come. I hope you feel the same.

Blog: I finally added an email address to the About Me section of the this blog. It occurred to me that I don't make it easy for people to message me and occasionally, people do have questions.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

I should be excited about packing!

In 3 hours, I'm supposed to be at my best friend's house for her husband's surprise 30th birthday. Three hours after that, I will head to the airport to catch my redeye to St Thomas, USVI with a layover in Newark. A week on the beach sounds fabulous right now, though I'll be honest, I may need Betty Ford when I return. My girl friend plans to skip check-in and go straight to the beach bar. I have a feeling it's going to be a whirlwind.

Decisions have been difficult for me lately and thus, so have commitments. I always seem to be waiting on someone else for dates and times. I'm trying to fit in my friends because I know I'm leaving, but I also know that I need to start doing my thing if they can't commit. As I avoid packing, I finally decided to book my ticket to Germany. I had originally wanted to visit my boyfriend in Boston, but with his new job, it's been difficult to tie down dates. So, I leave here on the 26th of June for New York to attend the Forte Conference and see some friends. I take a redeye out on the 28th to Berlin and after a week in Germany, a stop in Prague and a bonafide German wedding, I return to SFO on the 7th of July, but that's not without a layover in Vienna and another in Toronto. Not exactly sure why I put myself through the travel, but hopefully my youth will keep me sane.

Between St Thomas and New York, I'm trying to fit another trip. It might be Boston for 5 days, but if that doesn't work, I'm thinking San Diego. I've lived in California for over 20 years, been to various exotic locations, but I have never stepped foot in San Diego. I know the weather may not be perfect this time of year, but I have time and as mom keeps reminding me, don't let grass grow under your feet. This time will never be here again and once August starts, I'm going to be working my butt off.

This week I met with my roomie to discuss logistics for our place. She is moving out over 4th of July weekend and then leaves for home (London) on the 10th of July. I envision our place as quite bare as neither of us plan on bringing much from the West coast. Definitely clothes, but the rest may simply stay in California. I suppose we'll decorat at the beginning of school and hopefully find a couple bargains for tables/chairs and maybe a couch.

Sometimes it seems too far away then I think, I've booked trips through July 7th and 3 weeks later it's August. July 18th is my birthday and July 19th is supposed to be my large going away party, which I may just cancel. I guess I'm not prepared to bid farewell to everybody. I know I'll be back if for nothing else, Christmas with the fam. Plus, I simply dropped the ball on planning - venue, time, etc... July 25 through the 27th, I return to Vegas for a bachelorette party and ideally, I'll start living in C'ville on August 4th, permanently.

Suppose it's time to quit procrastinating.

“Some stories don’t have a clear beginning, middle and end. Life is about not knowing, having to change, taking the moment and making the best of it, without knowing what’s going to happen next. Delicious ambiguity…” – Gilda Radner