Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Cville Weekend

I've officially been in Chicago for just over a week. Per the usual jet setting lifestyle, I spent my second weekend in Charlottesville instead of Chicago. The boy and I met up with his old roommate as well as MissFab, a close current second year friend. She was the perfect hostess for a trio of friends who wanted to relive a Darden weekend.

We arrived late Friday night, dropped our belongings at the hotel and went straight to the Corner for a nightcap. It felt oddly familiar to be at Trinity, a bar we frequented prior to graduation. Yet there were no familiar faces and far more undergrads than I recall.

Saturday we walked the downtown mall, looking for food to fill our hungry bellies. Even the stores on the mall had changed - new faces while old staples  were no longer around. Not to mention, almost nothing looked open for brunch/lunch. We journeyed to Charlottesville running company so that roomie could purchase a new pair of shoes and then the boys went running, while the girls indulged in some proper bonding time. And if course, no Charlottesville trip would be complete without Arch's frozen yogurt!!

Two Darden 2010s happened to be at the UVa basketball game, so they stopped by to catch up. It made me miss the days when everyone was in close proximity.

After much discussion...read hours of tossing around ideas for dinner...Mas, Orzo, Shebeen...we settled on sushi at Tokyo Rose. It was quite good, close to the house and a great way to begin the night. We followed up sushi with drinks in Ivy and dancing to 80s music at Three. Just like old times!

Sunday morning we were set on crossing an item off MissFab's bucket list - brunch at Bluegrass Grill and Bakery. Delicious though their operations and math could be improved.

While the weekend away made me a bit nostalgic for days at Darden, coming home reminds me how much I love my new place and the city of Chicago. This weekend, we're off to San Fransisco for the Venetian Masquerade ball my mom planned to support a local charity. Then we a handful of weekends at home.

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