Sunday, November 14, 2004


So as of Monday - this is going to be my new car!! I am excited yet disappointed that I will be giving up my car. My car and I have an extensive love-hate relationship. It isn't that old and my CD player is jammed and my brakes suck. I guess it was just time to upgrade. Fully loaded - I am not sure exactly how often I will use a navigation system, but I will let you know. It is funny when you start looking to buy big things like a car, you find out what is important to you. When we bought my condo in Colorado, at the end, all I wanted was a washer dryer. I didn't mind doing my own dishes as long as I didn't have to go somewhere to do laundry. Gosh it worked out nice! With my new car, heated seats were number 1. I drive to work @ 6:45 am and the seats heat up faster than the heater, so of course what becomes important. I just think it is funny how that works.. well off to bed. How do you like my new car?