Thursday, July 03, 2014


Riley is officially 1 week past 4 months! She's cute, she's cuddly and she basically reminds me of a teddy bear. I'm not sure what took me so long to decide that I needed a four-legged friend to greet me at the door upon my arrival home. She's the perfect greeter. Her whole body wiggles as she brushes against you for some much deserved pets. Even after a rough day, like yesterday, you instantly feel better.

That said, now I want to take her EVERYWHERE!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Aftermath

The stuff is gone. The door is pending replacement glass. And the insurance company has been notified. Now the painful fun begins. The insurance company wants a catalog of everything I owned including description, date purchased/received, replacement value and if possible, photo/receipt. I listed 65 items and every so often, I remember another. I'm sorting through an incredible amount of digital photos. I'm now in 2006 and started in 2001. I feel like I've spent all day entering information and the last couple days trying to remember it all. Some of the pieces that were stolen were from middle and high school. There are a handful that haven't been worn since then. On top of which, watches, bracelets and rings are incredibly hard to see in photos.

We're not quite sure what this does to our holiday plans. We were supposed to leave today to visit my husband's family. Instead, we're here until at least tomorrow when the glass should be repaired. The question then is do we drive south or do we stay here? We have 3 days open and the roundtrip drive is at least 12 hours. Are we insane? There again, can you put a limit on family time? I am fortunate enough to live very close to mine. We often enjoy Sunday dinners with my mom and see my grandmother on a periodic basis. While he defends that we saw his parents at Thanksgiving and his Aunt/Nanna in November, I feel selfish at times that we are so close in proximity to my family. Yet, I'm not sure I'm ready to leave this place.

Thursday, December 19, 2013


The last 27 hours are ones that I'd like to forget. It was any other day except the fact that we left work at a reasonable 5p to attempt some Christmas shopping. The phone rang and perplexed, my husband answered it. The alarm had been triggered. We looked at each other blankly and repeated into the handset that it wasn't us and they could freely dispatch the police. The drive home was silent. Both of our minds racing, wondering, what happened, was it anything, did something happen? The phone rang again, broken glass was found and the police were at the house. Someone would be waiting for us. We sat in traffic, knowing the drive would be no shorter than 30 minutes. The radio was so low that it might as well have been off.

My head raced. I knew my jewelry was not as secure as it could be. The safe that we had talked about for months never seemed to get purchased. To no ones fault. Somehow I knew. We arrived, jumped out of the car and ran inside. I quickly ran to my spot and sure enough 100% empty. Memories, feelings, beauty and it was all gone. Somehow after years of moving items from childhood and having never lost a piece myself, they were all gone in that instant.

I keep reminding myself that it's just stuff and that's the truth. It can be replaced. Maybe not that same piece from India or the random piece I bought in Brazil after thinking we could take a "free" ride to the jewelry store. But in time, there will be other meanings and other pieces. I still have the most important thing in my world, my husband. We're both safe, healthy and can get through this.

After that moment, we tried to understand the flow, the logic. We tried to reign our minds in to comprehend and ask the necessary questions.

The glass was everywhere, shattered. Pieces kept falling and with each sound, you tense. What is it? What does it want from me? I pace around the house, looking for something else to be out of place. It all seems too familiar and yet, so foreign.

The aftermath continues. The specks of glass don't come up as quickly as I'd like. I fear that we'll be finding them for months to come. While I work on each inch, I see the floor sparkle and all I know is that I missed something. I'm not sure how much or even how to rid the floor, couch, furniture and everything else of that taunting sparkle.

This is just the beginning. I slowly push my mind to remember every piece of jewelry that I once owned. What's unique? Is there something that could trigger an arrest?

I just try to hold myself together. The mind plays tricks on me. You look into the dark, expecting something to appear out of the shadows. I'm not sure if it's relief or more fear when nothing does.

I often feel that I can't explain my thoughts, my feelings, me. Violation is the perfect word. We thought we prepared the house. We thought the precautions were in place. And somehow, it only partially helped. What did we do wrong?

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

More Security

With each added feature that is supposed to protect, I find myself feeling more and more annoyed. A recent website update to one of my online savings accounts has resulted with two phone calls to reset my password (a requirement of the new system). The temporary password that finally arrived after the second call, now has me locked out. It's as if they don't want you to access your money. At this point, I intend to transfer everything out and close the account. While you feel that you are protecting me, I'm just fed up.

My head has passwords swimming and everytime a website decides to make certain password requirements, it makes me wonder how I'm supposed to remember the password. I look forward to the day when logging in will be a more pleasant experience instead of asking random personal questions to which I may and may not have answers. While single login systems have their problems, I have to imagine that it would be better than what we have today.

Besides the passwords for personal accounts, there's email, security codes for the house, gate codes, door codes and the list goes on. I always wonder how people remember everything without a cheat sheet and if you have a cheat sheet, where do you keep it to make it accessible? At the rate I'm going, I'm more likely to lock myself out than to login.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

There Goes the Weekend

My husband and I booked another trip for August! Between two weekends, we decided on the one that would leave us with open weekends on either side. That's because we have Vegas 2 weeks prior and our 1 year anniversary 2 weeks afterwards. I keep looking at the calendar and wonder where the year went! We're gone for all except one weekend in September and we're seriously considering a trip to India that will have us on the ground for somewhere between 48 and 96 hours! Yes, we're insane as it takes almost that long to get there and back. I'm excited for the prospects of adventure, but anticipating the level of exhaustion that may ensue. Let's just say, I don't have time for exhaustion!

Speaking of weekends, I'm super excited for tomorrow and my first summer Friday! I'm not sure how many companies do this, but it's brilliant! The idea is this - you work 9 hour days every other day of the week and receive every other Friday off for a total of 5 summer Fridays. I can't say I'll be relaxing. However, the schedule is packed with all the necessary appointments and activities that have been on the backburner for months. Plus as far as I'm concerned, I'm not working any additional hours. In fact, maybe I'm working less.

Well, the ADD is kicking in and I have 18 BVAs that stand between me and my weekend. Let's do this!

Monday, May 20, 2013

What are you doing to me Bill?

There are few things I remember about college classes at this point. As they say, if you don't use it, you lose it. What I do remember however, is an older professor in Finance who would often yell at the sky and ask, "what are you doing to me, Bill?" He was referring to Bill Gates. Like most finance classes, we lived in Excel. However, Excel didn't always like to play nice. Since then, I think my Excel skills have vastly improved and there are few problems that stump me. If I do encounter one that does, I turn to my trusty friend Google who almost always delivers.

From time to time I browse what people are posting on LinkedIn. I often find the articles more enlightening than those on Facebook and other social media sites. A friend posted this article on advanced Excel tips and I must say, it's absolutely fantastic. Not only do I count myself as an Excel guru, but I'm always interested in learning new features or functions that will make my life more automated.

For all the moments when my professor cursed Bill, I have to say, GOOD JOB BILL! Index-Match alone can replace the frustration of not being able to add columns to a spreadsheet without ruining a vlookup!

Hope you enjoy!

Friday, April 12, 2013

The Place You Can Go

We are each the sum of our expereinces, which is why I never believe in regrets. Sometimes experiences are trying and other times, they define who we are. On Wednesday night, I spent my time with a group of amazing women as we listened to 4 speakers talk about how Junior League helped them launch a career in public service. Each had a story of how the Junior League influenced their decision to join either a local/county/state commission or run for office.

Cat Carleton led SPAC (State Public Affairs Committee) for the Junior League in Calfornia. She said that what she accomplished during her time left her feeling empowered. When her son asked why the water fountains in the local park never worked, she decided to take action. She joined the Parks and Recreation commission only to find that they advise and City Council can make any decision they want. Desiring to make a larger impact, she ran for City Council and now serves the local community of Menlo Park. She emphasized that you get back what you put in.

Virginia Kiraly sits on the Fire Board. Again, her interest was sparked due to the experiences she had in the Junior League. She helped transition a Junior League led project to the local Fire Departments. She immediately knew that fire safety was to become an important part of her future. In addition, she has also served on the San Mateo Grand Jury, which led her to take on the task of starting a non-profit so that all our local schools are directly connected to first responders. This issue was identified through personal experiences with her son's school.

Karen Fryling - real estate expert and PTA President! Karen is active on 5 boards and encouraged our group to think about their passions. While she believes our community is what we give back, she also notes that you're only at you're best when you're truly passionate.

Anna Zara spoke about her tenure on the library commission. In fact, after 8 years, she termed out! She now understands why the government works at a snails pace. In a representative democracy, you have to listen to everyone, which can take a long time. As a self-proclaimed geek with a background in engineering, she used Junior League to learn about non-profits.

Each of these ladies is proud of what they've accomplished (and should be!) and each of them believe that Junior League helped them get to where they are. Whether it is helping them discover their passion or being able to take "safe" risks within the League. The League helped sculp their leadership style, espcially the ability to lead, inspire and influence volunteers. It's different when the consequences for not doing something are not concrete. Simple items become ever important in the public sphere like making an agenda and more importantly a manageable agenda. They can run a meeting efficiently with a defined objective, so that the meeting doesn't go off target. Together they reminded us that going into the public sphere is different than business. You CANNOT have your own agenda as you do REPRESENT a bigger party.

If anyone wants to get involved, we were encouraged to contact CA Women Lead. The organization helps match women with state commissions based on interest and experience. State commissions often meet 4 times per year, though in various parts of the state. The time commitment can be small for a large impact and from what I hear, there is a state commission for everything.

And of course, the famous parting words, connect the dots, meaning do your homework before joining any commission or city/county/state government. The last obstacle you want to face is that of competing personalities. Next we were told you must learn to work within the organization. From learning how governemnt runs to how to work within the confines of the the Brown Act, it takes some adaptation and emotional intelligence to make a difference. Lastly, have fun!