Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Nerd Alert

First and foremost, it's been a while not that I have to tell you that. In the last 7 months, I have enjoyed being a proud owner of an amazing puppy, started my Board position for the Junior League Palo Alto-Mid Peninsula and switched jobs (role and company). It's been a wild ride, but I am finally hitting my stride. More on all that later...

Today, I write on the power of Excel shortcut keys. If you haven't realize this, I'm an absolute Excel junkie. I love building models and making data work for me. In an effort to not only be ergonomic, but also be able to maneuver quickly through a spreadsheet, I tasked myself with learning some shortcuts during my summer internship at Darden. This has served me well over the years however I came across this infographic that had a couple basic shortcuts that I didn't know well. I've shared these with my team and again am working towards using the mouse less and the keyboard more. Check it out!

Courtesy of https://filtered.com.

Microsoft Excel Shortcuts

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