Wednesday, June 26, 2013

More Security

With each added feature that is supposed to protect, I find myself feeling more and more annoyed. A recent website update to one of my online savings accounts has resulted with two phone calls to reset my password (a requirement of the new system). The temporary password that finally arrived after the second call, now has me locked out. It's as if they don't want you to access your money. At this point, I intend to transfer everything out and close the account. While you feel that you are protecting me, I'm just fed up.

My head has passwords swimming and everytime a website decides to make certain password requirements, it makes me wonder how I'm supposed to remember the password. I look forward to the day when logging in will be a more pleasant experience instead of asking random personal questions to which I may and may not have answers. While single login systems have their problems, I have to imagine that it would be better than what we have today.

Besides the passwords for personal accounts, there's email, security codes for the house, gate codes, door codes and the list goes on. I always wonder how people remember everything without a cheat sheet and if you have a cheat sheet, where do you keep it to make it accessible? At the rate I'm going, I'm more likely to lock myself out than to login.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

There Goes the Weekend

My husband and I booked another trip for August! Between two weekends, we decided on the one that would leave us with open weekends on either side. That's because we have Vegas 2 weeks prior and our 1 year anniversary 2 weeks afterwards. I keep looking at the calendar and wonder where the year went! We're gone for all except one weekend in September and we're seriously considering a trip to India that will have us on the ground for somewhere between 48 and 96 hours! Yes, we're insane as it takes almost that long to get there and back. I'm excited for the prospects of adventure, but anticipating the level of exhaustion that may ensue. Let's just say, I don't have time for exhaustion!

Speaking of weekends, I'm super excited for tomorrow and my first summer Friday! I'm not sure how many companies do this, but it's brilliant! The idea is this - you work 9 hour days every other day of the week and receive every other Friday off for a total of 5 summer Fridays. I can't say I'll be relaxing. However, the schedule is packed with all the necessary appointments and activities that have been on the backburner for months. Plus as far as I'm concerned, I'm not working any additional hours. In fact, maybe I'm working less.

Well, the ADD is kicking in and I have 18 BVAs that stand between me and my weekend. Let's do this!