Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halloween - VEGAS 2006

I have an addiction and it's called life. I try to live each day to the fullest. I've had my high points and my low ones, but I like reality.

I have another addiction, it’s called Las Vegas. I don't go for the drinking, the gambling, the smoking or the drugs. I go to live. I go to dance 'til dawn with my feet burning in my heels. I go to be with friends and celebrate life. To take pictures that soon get posted on the internet because what happens in Vegas never does stay there, as it probably should.

I’m an advocate that Vegas is about the people you go with and not always about the city itself. I have planned many Vegas trips as well as been on my fair share including 4 this year alone, so when I say this trip was one of the best EVER, you know I am not lying.

The weekend started off subtle. I met Jimmy and Martin at the airport. We checked our bags and headed straight for the bar. I forewent the drink with hope that our hour and a half plane ride would be nap time. It was. Jimmy was definitely drunk by the time we landed. We taxied to the Wynn and check in was no problem. We were staying in a Fairway Villa Suite. You would think that the chances of us getting the same room as 8 months prior, number 207, were slim. But sure enough we walked to the same door. Everyone bought a bottle for partying. Martin and I took an adventure to get mixers. Turns out if you leave the Wynn and head right there is a liquor store, Walgreens, 7-11 etc. Shortly after we returned Kelsey met me in the room. She was dumb founded about how amazing our suite was. We got into our going out clothes, grabbed a small bite and headed to Pure. Let’s just say everyone was well on their way by the time we arrived. They took us to our table which was nicely segregated from the club. Ordered 3 bottles, then Kelsey and I took off to the roof for some proper dance music. The weather was perfect! Back and forth to the table all night, we cashed all three bottles with no problem. Martin thought it would be a good idea to buy me a straight shot of vodka, thanks, I didn’t need that. The cameras were out in full force and we have some entertaining pictures.

I returned to the Wynn with Hardy and Kels. I dropped Kels off and Hardy disappeared, so I went back to the room, I probably should have gone to breakfast. My head was definitely feeling it the next day. The boys woke up at a decent hour and headed to breakfast. I rolled off the couch @ noon and convinced Jordan to grab a bite with me. We returned to the room for a nice 2 hour nap before the housekeepers kicked us out. The boys thought it would be a fantastic idea to take the chairs from the deck and put them in the steam shower. I made a quick call to Nate, but with too many interruptions, I was in my bikini on my way to the steam shower. We sat there bull shitting for a few hours. Slowly people disbursed, I took a quick shower and started getting ready for the night.

We went to SW Steakhouse for dinner. I am not sure if I looked out of place or lucky sitting with 7 guys. Again we returned to the room for pre partying before heading to Moon/Playboy Club. My costume turned out GREAT! I couldn’t have been happier. But Alysha could have stopped traffic with hers, and did. She only got one marriage proposal walking to the taxi line. I lost my sword as soon as we walked into the Palms, apparently there were “cracking down”. The dollar it cost me wasn’t important enough to go check it or even make sure I got it back. I handed it to the security guard and walked away. I think the guys were more disappointed than I was. The group gathered outside the club and we quickly got sat. We chose to be in the VIP room versus on the dance floor. I think that was the perfect idea!

The VIP room gave us enough room to move around without getting shoved or pushed by people. We were close to the escalator down to the Playboy Club, the bathrooms, and the dance floor. 3 more bottles, and it was on. My head still hurt from the night before, so I took it easy with cups of water all night long, but I know Kelsey made up for my lack of alcohol consumption. Moon was definitely AWESOME! Highly recommend. Our waitress was off the hook and I’ve decided I want her job. I wondered most the night, but it was always nice to have a table to come back to. Steve was dressed as a chubby playboy bunny and I have never seen a man get groped more in my entire life. Apparently I forgot I had his cell and money when Jim, Jordan, Martin and I left the club around 3 am because he had to hitch a ride home. Oooops! Made for an entertaining story though. I lied down for 15 minutes before it was time for me to hit my flight.

The Las Vegas airport is ALWAYS a zoo in the morning. I think most their flights take off before 10 am. Needless to say I recently got upgraded with United because of my trip to Italy as well as all the jet setting I do. It is well worth it to be a premier member. You get to go through the first class line for both check in as well as security. I fell asleep as soon as I hit the flight. Nate picked me up and it was good to be home in my own bed. What a weekend!

No drama, lots of drinking, and I danced my ass off, I couldn’t have asked for a better time!

Monday, October 09, 2006

Boulder, Colorado

The thing I miss most about Boulder besides my mountain, my friends, and the good ol’ college days is WALNUT! I used to live at this restaurant. My freshman year of college we went once every two weeks, at least. As time went on, that never got much better. When Nate asked if I would join him on a road trip from CO to CA the only think I could think of, besides being a good girlfriend, was the Walnut Brewery.

Since graduation I have been privileged enough to return to Colorado every two to three months. My last friend graduated in May of this year and since then I hadn’t been back to Boulder. Needless to say, I was quite excited!

Lindsey was kind enough to pick Nate and I up from the airport. We got a late start seeing our flight was delayed. Our 6 person dinner party had grown to 10 by the time I landed. We called and put out name in on our way into Boulder. Thinking we may be cutting in close, we forwent the change of clothes and went straight to dinner. Our wait, seeing we had 10 people, was an extra hour from our arrival. I must admit, the food, company, and atmosphere was definitely worth it. Unfortunately we realized that none of us have a free place to crash anymore in Boulder, talk about sad.

The girls had their limited drinks at dinner to ensure they were able to drive home. Hawk was quite a few deep but still wouldn’t do the booty dance. He claims he isn’t a monkey! After dinner we headed to the Foundry for more cocktails. It pays to have an old roomie that works at a bar. Drinks definitely weren’t as much as they should have been.

Dom and Dan came by to say HI! My few last friends left in Boulder limits. The night ended early with Linds dropping Nate, his brother and I off at his bro’s house. We got settled and tried to get some sleep besides the usual Boulder chatter outside the window.

The next morning the alarm started going off @ 7 am. Of course I didn’t get out of bed til 8 am. We met up with Jonathon and headed to Le Peep to breakfast. I still think they have the best pancakes in Boulder no matter what. Nate and I were on the road by 11 am and I was out about 20 min later. Took the diagonal out of Boulder to I-25 then to I-80 once we hit Cheyenne, WY. We followed I-80 all the way home to SF. 2 shifts each later and we arrived in Reno. I took the last shift from Reno home and we were home just barely before 6 am. The idea of soccer at 9 am crossed our minds, but needless to say it didn’t happen. It was all in all a fun weekend, even with the 18 hours spent in the car.