Monday, October 09, 2006

Boulder, Colorado

The thing I miss most about Boulder besides my mountain, my friends, and the good ol’ college days is WALNUT! I used to live at this restaurant. My freshman year of college we went once every two weeks, at least. As time went on, that never got much better. When Nate asked if I would join him on a road trip from CO to CA the only think I could think of, besides being a good girlfriend, was the Walnut Brewery.

Since graduation I have been privileged enough to return to Colorado every two to three months. My last friend graduated in May of this year and since then I hadn’t been back to Boulder. Needless to say, I was quite excited!

Lindsey was kind enough to pick Nate and I up from the airport. We got a late start seeing our flight was delayed. Our 6 person dinner party had grown to 10 by the time I landed. We called and put out name in on our way into Boulder. Thinking we may be cutting in close, we forwent the change of clothes and went straight to dinner. Our wait, seeing we had 10 people, was an extra hour from our arrival. I must admit, the food, company, and atmosphere was definitely worth it. Unfortunately we realized that none of us have a free place to crash anymore in Boulder, talk about sad.

The girls had their limited drinks at dinner to ensure they were able to drive home. Hawk was quite a few deep but still wouldn’t do the booty dance. He claims he isn’t a monkey! After dinner we headed to the Foundry for more cocktails. It pays to have an old roomie that works at a bar. Drinks definitely weren’t as much as they should have been.

Dom and Dan came by to say HI! My few last friends left in Boulder limits. The night ended early with Linds dropping Nate, his brother and I off at his bro’s house. We got settled and tried to get some sleep besides the usual Boulder chatter outside the window.

The next morning the alarm started going off @ 7 am. Of course I didn’t get out of bed til 8 am. We met up with Jonathon and headed to Le Peep to breakfast. I still think they have the best pancakes in Boulder no matter what. Nate and I were on the road by 11 am and I was out about 20 min later. Took the diagonal out of Boulder to I-25 then to I-80 once we hit Cheyenne, WY. We followed I-80 all the way home to SF. 2 shifts each later and we arrived in Reno. I took the last shift from Reno home and we were home just barely before 6 am. The idea of soccer at 9 am crossed our minds, but needless to say it didn’t happen. It was all in all a fun weekend, even with the 18 hours spent in the car.

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