Wednesday, April 29, 2009


A big hearty congratulations to all the BoB winners!! MaybeMBA almost had a clean sweep for current students...whereas applicant blogs were a bit all over the map!

I took 2nd for students, which is quite exciting and fair given that I won last year's applicant pool. I'm still not sure what "Most Entertaining" means, but if makes people smile, it makes me happy. The WSJ subscription will be beneficial seeing mine has expired. We get the WSJ on campus, but these days, it's just too far to venture on crutches (yes, AGAIN!).

Tomorrow is the last day of classes and ..."I'm so excited, I just can't hide it, I'm about to lose control and I think I like it!!" For all those wishing that you were back in school, don't take this negatively. I'm just ready for a homework free month!! Some time when you leave the "office" that the work is done until the morning! WOO HOO. :)

Friday, April 24, 2009

Foxfields, DNIF Carnival & Darden FOLLIES!

I realize it's Friday night and I should be celebrating the end of a FIVE day week, but instead, I plan on going to bed "early" in preparation for FOXFIELDS. Foxfields is essentially a tailgating event as most people won't be close enough to see the horses. Darden will have its own tent with food and beverages for the day. A number of students also rent "plots" for somewhere to go when they are no longer "upholding the Darden brand."

To kick off this great event and the end of a crazy week, tonight was the DNIF Carnival. DNIF stands for Darden Non-Profit Internship Fund. This fund essentially allows students at Darden to afford unpaid internships during the summer. Students may apply to the fund to receive a small stipend of approximately $3,000 if their internship is unpaid.

The purpose of the carnival was to raise money for the fund. This was the carnival's first year and I hope, the tradition will continue next year. Games included sumo wrestling (yes, I witnessed our DSA President pummel the head of the Office of Student Affairs), bag toss and the infamous DUNK TANK! Professor Weiss, my Q2 operations professor was perched high with his reindeer ears when a 6 year old dunked him! I missed the target completely, though my aim was not as bad as I anticipated. What may have been better than seeing Weiss dunked multiple times by his 8 year old son is Eric, section D's section rep (I realize that's redundant) being dunked by Section I.

DNIF Carnival was followed by Follies! If you've never seen a Follies skit at a business school, it's a treat. Of course, I'm not sure the humor would be the same if you didn't actually attend the school. Many people put hours of work into writing, filming and editing skits. There were also live skits mixed in with the videos. There was one skit however, that trumped all!

Professor Scott Snell is my L.O. professor and one of the SYs was impersonating him. They went to an "LO Off" to figure out who the real Snell was. In the analysis of the SYs drawings, he was essentially found out because the phrase "Fuzzy Muffins" was mixed in with his analysis. A few videos later, we cut to a live skit where the entertainers were discussing what it would take to be Snell. They wanted a volunteer and sure enough Professor Jim Clawson, another LO professor, got on stage. Snell is basically bald, so the first thing you need is to get rid of the hair. As Clawson had his hair clipped, his wife's face was priceless. SHE HAD NO IDEA!! Needless to say, they took Clawson to the back room to be unveiled in dress that matches Snell's style and a freshly shaved head. I think his wife about died!

I laughed so hard from Follies that my sides hurt. I think my skit where I "beat up" my boyfriend (a spoof on Rhianna and Chris Brown) was taken well. Of course, maybe it was simply that I was wearing a ridiculous gangster outfit that caused the uproar. All the same, great times, good laughs and we have big shoes to fill next year, though I don't doubt that CD, BR, CS, EM and crew are up to the task! A job well done!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Exchange Programs

On my list of "things to do" while in business school, international experience was at the top when I applied. I wanted to travel and study abroad. Of course after being emerged in Darden for almost a year, the desires change. I'm still interested, however, Darden has one of the best faculties in the world, so I wonder what the true value of the experience here is versus somewhere else.

That said, I bid on and was accepted to a Q3 exchange with SSE (Sweden School of Economics). The bidding process here is quite informal. You send your top 3 schools to a coordinator and then the coordinator does his best to match you with your top or 2nd choice. The most popular school was IESE for a semester exchange, other than that, there were minimal waitlists.

I wouldn't say that studying abroad is discouraged at Darden, though it isn't as talked up as it may be other places. I couldn't imagine being gone for an entire semester next year, which is why I looked for a school where the exchange is only one quarter. The worry of studying abraod during Q4 is that Darden won't receive your transcript for transfer credit in time for graduation. Furthermore, the time table of schools abroad may be different than Darden and you are not allowed to miss an entire first week of class.

Another consideration is recruiting. If you're gone during Q1 and Q2, you miss the entire on-campus recruiting season. If that wasn't a factor, I probably would have picked IAE in Argentina during Q2. There are no additional costs for study abroad. You pay Darden tuition and simply need to find housing while abroad. Class transfers are a bit difficult and apparently take a lot of work for proper approval. My thought, start early and be organized. We'll see how that goes. I'm still bidding on Q3 classes in case I change my mind in the next 6 months. Though I haven't decided if bidding on the "popular" professors for Q3 is worth my points. If I don't leave, I'd be disappointed that I missed a chance to be in these classes. But if I do leave, did I just "waste" bid points. Dilemmas! All the same, I'm STOKED about Sweden and feel strongly that I will be headed there in January of 2010. Here's a full list of available exchanges for those interested.

Monday, April 20, 2009

SF Recap

It was good to be “home.” The whirlwind started as soon as I landed on Thursday night. I think the most downtime I enjoyed was the hour after the plane landed, before I headed to O’Neill’s Irish Pub for the night. A few friends joined me for some quality catch up time and of course, a couple cocktails. Friday afternoon was spent in San Francisco having lunch with my grandmother. Afterwards, I went to rehearsal, got my hair cut and then attended the rehearsal dinner. That night was spent in San Francisco at Medjool. A few people surprised me that night. I wasn’t expecting them to show up, though I do send the updates to a mass of friends.

On that note, I feel like I’ve lost touch with some people from home. It took one of my closest friends there 2 weeks to email me to tell me her and her boyfriend had broken up. My friend VM, who transferred to Seattle with Google is now back in the Bay Area. My other friend DS and his girlfriend broke up and so DS is moving in with VM. It feels like so much has changed. I wonder if this lull in communication is mainly me being involved in my own world. On the other hand, I play phone tag more than I’d like to admit. I can’t believe how big of a time difference three hours can feel like.

Saturday was the big day and main reason I went home. One of my besties tied the knot on a beautiful ridge overlooking the reservoir. The weather was perfect, the bridesmaids were dressed in apple red and the bride was absolutely glowing. It was good to see old friends at the wedding. It always amazes me how our worlds diverge. And besides the “I Dos” the most exciting part of the night was the news that a girl friend of mine is pregnant! I was the maid of honor in her wedding 2 years ago, so this is very exciting, though it’s pretty much set in stone that I won’t return to CA until a month after the birth.

Now it’s back to reality. Two group presentations tomorrow, two soccer games this week, 8 more days of class, a couple exams, Foxfields, Darden Follies, KY Derby and then FY is over. Wow. Where did it go?

Thursday, April 16, 2009

San Francisco!!

It's hard to believe that I haven't been home in FOUR months! I left a few days before 2009, so this will be my first visit home during the new year. I have been bouncing off the wall all day like a 12 year old who is waiting to take a trip to Disneyland. I know it may sound silly, but I'm excited to see my family and all my friends! (At least the ones able to make it out tonight and tomorrow night.)

One of my best friends is getting married on Saturday. I'm very excited for her and the family she's about to start, however, this wedding reminds me of my age. Though I don't feel old, this friend and I were inseparable my senior year in high school. We've also gone through many PIC (Partners-in-Crime) years where we danced until dawn every weekend. As we were talking about the big day, I started browsing old photo galleries, that for one reason or another I haven't bothered to remove from the web, I can't believe how much we've grown up. And, how much we haven't?!?

Business school has been an incredible experience and I look forward to the next year. That said, there's something to be said about the familiarity of old friends and reminiscing over beer! I'm looking forward to dancing on Friday night, dinner with my grandmother, the wedding, SMOKE-FREE Bars (OH HOW I MISS THEE!), and a chance to hang out with my puppy dogs. Speaking of chances, I'm not bringing anything home, except my bridesmaid dress, a pair of heels, make-up and a pair of running shoes. I swear I still have clothes there! Here's living on the wild side! :)

Monday, April 13, 2009


I'm so excited, I just can't hide it... I found the perfect sublet in Atlanta for the summer. Not only is it for exactly 3 mos, but it is also in the neighborhood I wanted, the Virginia Highlands. I'll be 1.0 miles from the one person I know in Atlanta and 2.5 miles from work. There are restaurants and bars close by, and I am a short cab ride away from the clubs in Midtown. The place is furnished and the guy from whom I'm subletting seems awesome! Ironically enough, he's headed to DC for the summer. From the sounds of it, I wouldn't need to bring much besides clothes, linens, and perhaps a couple kitchen utensils. Right now, I feel like things are falling into place.

In other news, I'm headed back to SF this weekend for a wedding! I can't believe I haven't been home in 4 mos. I am excited to see all my friends as well as celebrate my girl's special day with her. This coincides nicely with a number of family birthdays too! My grandmother's was yesterday, mom's is tomorrow, and dad's is on Friday. Needless to say, I have a lot of meals already planned for me.

Finally, a big shout-out to a member of LT7 who got ENGAGED over the weekend!!!! Soooo happy for you... and as I said, remember, I throw one hell of a party. ;)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

BGIA - Catch Up

Around this time last week I was in the midst of cleaning out a house for Building Goodness in April. I thought about writing a post, but thought fellow Darden Blogger, Mechanigal wrote a post, with which I couldn't compete.

To recap, we:

• Replaced all windows
• Revamped front door, screen door, and back door
• Re-laid the back deck
• Installed a new front porch
• Cut down a troublesome tree
• Installed new light fixtures and ceiling fan
• Replaced drywall and insulation throughout the house
• Replaced insulation in the hot water closet
• Laid a new floor in the bathroom, installed a new vanity and toilet
• Painted the entire house inside and out
• Installed new storage units and a bed
• Not to mention a whole lotta sweeping, scrubbing, and moping!

Additionally, the local news covered one of our BGIA projects. Not to mention a great cameo by my roommate! :D

Here are some pictures from the build site:

BoB 2008-2009

Congrats to all Clear Admit's Best of Blogging Nominees for 2008-2009!

Also, special congrats to Lauren, a close friend from home whom I helped convince to blog about her applicant process. I'd also like to send a shout-out to the FIVE fellow Darden Bloggers! You kids rock!

And finally, TinyDancer and Metal, who both started out last year as applicant bloggers with me. I'm happy to see you're still writing!

I can't believe my first year of business school is almost done! This nomination made me realize that I was a lot more active last year - often commenting on multiple posts a day. It seems the days of quality downtime have transformed into days of reading cases. I still follow a lot of blogs, but I don't comment much. I need to change that! Hope all is well in the land of bloggers, this is a very exciting day for the 50 nominees. My only advice, don't stop! Writing is very therapeutic and there's nothing better than being able to see exactly where you've been. It brings light to where you're going.

Congrats to all!! And for those of you who didn't make the list this year, there is ALWAYS next year. Keep writing. It helps create a conversation that wouldn't be there without your thoughts.

Thursday, April 09, 2009


The day I received my offer letter in the mail felt much like the day I got into business school. It's been a rough recruiting year for all and my heart goes out to those who are STILL looking (if you have any leads to share, let me know...). My packet was full of goodies like the company's code of conduct and a form for a drug screen. The offer letter matched the verbal offer and I was told that I would need to accept or decline by April 13th. Needless to say, with much excitement, I sent in my acceptance yesterday!! Though I still have mixed feelings about Atlanta, I am still lucky enough to have one friend from college who lives there. One aspect of the city that does it excite me is the clubs! I miss dancing to non-80s music like you wouldn't believe.

I've started looking for apartments and I'm trying to figure out the best way to go logistically. It costs more to get a fully furnished apartment, yet a furnished apartment allows me to move to Atlanta for my 12 weeks with minimal belongings - not that I own much in Charlottesville. I can't decide if I want to live alone or if I would prefer to have a random roommate. I don't mind moving into a place for 3 months with someone, but it seems most those sublets want a person who may be willing to sign a new lease come August. I have also contemplated finding a complex with a pool. It is Atlanta in the SUMMER after all! Of course, signing a 3 month lease is much more expensive than being able to sign a year-long lease. I forgot what a pain it was to choose a place from more than 100 miles away. I'm guessing on location and simply trying to nestle myself close to my friend and close to work. I've heard traffic is a bit rough. Right now, the area I like the most is the Virginia Highlands, but I'm also looking around Midtown. I just want a place to be safe and decently clean. We'll see what I come up with!

On another note, tomorrow is Friday and I don't have class!!! :D

Friday, April 03, 2009

Rant: TNDC

I write today with a heavy head. I try to separate emotion from fact and take a deep breath as I contemplate the base of my opinion. If this post is vague, I apologize. I’m not trying to flush out all the details of this week’s happenings, but give a gist of what I understand happened and how I feel about it.

TNDC is an institution at Darden and this year, we have had a number of disagreements regarding the boundaries of school-wide TNDC emails. Opinions flew early year, which resulted in the discontinuation of emails until recently, though not a discontinuation of TNDC. We had a Poobah (which is what we call the TNDC organizer) turnover and since have had 3 TNDC’s. The emails are meant to be comical and often make fun of classmates. I’d like to think that the majority of those targeted classmates take no offense to these emails. And if they do, that they would speak directly to the Grand Poobah. However, I suppose with some of the crude sense of humor embedded in these emails (of which, I personally, am a fan), you’re bound to insult someone in the community of 600+. I get that and understand that!

Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Here are Darden, the foundation of the case method is part fact, part opinion. We’re learning in ethics, that there is no absolute right or absolute wrong in many instances. There’s a lot of gray matter, but analyzing different aspects of a situation from standards to consequences, and values to character will allow better decisions. So perhaps the consequences of publishing some off-color commentary was not as thought out as it should have been. That said, I believe there is no reason to ruin the potential livelihood of the publishing party because you believe they crossed your boundary of what is PC. If you have a problem, act as an adult. Everyone took Management Communications and Leading Organizations – which is where we emphasize difficult conversations and how to handle them. So test those skills and hold a difficult conversation. The United States has become so PC that we forget that we are allowed and encouraged to have different opinions. This, in my mind, is what furthers thought, ideas and creativity.

I also have two other problems with actions in response to the differing of opinions regarding boundaries – the first is being offended on behalf of someone else. First, the targeted person needs to be offended for this to matter, in my opinion. If that person acknowledges that they don’t care, leave it alone! My next problem is the 10 year old “mommy” scenario. This I equate to playing kickball with a group of kids, the child who owns the ball starts losing, so he decides to take his ball home, stopping the game, and go tell mommy, who proceeds to scold the rest of the group. I’m sorry, but we’ve all been through college and have “grown up”. Mommy, the faculty, the dean or your boss won’t always be there to “fix” your disagreements. A simply conversation could have easily resulted in an understanding between the parties. WE ARE THE FUTURE LEADERS OF AMERICA! Let’s act like them.

My disclosure is that these are purely my opinions. I believe that no organization is perfect and though I love Darden, sometimes these imperfections draw out opinions and thoughts in us all. I wanted to share mine.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The Reading

They say that SY is MUCH easier than FY. They also say that Q4 is a taste of SY... I'm hoping they're wrong. I just can't handle the enormous amount of reading every night! I actually decided NOT to read my LO case for Tuesday (I think this is the 3rd time since the beginning of school that this has happened). Luckily it was on Nordstrom, a store with which I am quite familiar. I was amused to find that my neighbor in class has never been to a Nordstrom and wanted to know to which store she should compare it. I suppose I forget that east and west can be VERY different.

Grades were also posted today. I think the forced curve has people scrambling to inch themselves up to the next level. I do agree that a B+ in participation & and B+ on an exam should not equal a B, but they do occasionally. I'm "competent" in Strategy, which means I've landed among the other 60% or so of my class that received Bs. Honestly, I'm happy about that. I managed to hold strong in the quant classes and I'm not sure where I went wrong in Management Communications. I find it ironic that grades are posted but we are still 3 exams short in you mailboxes (graded exams are distributed to our mailboxes for student pick-up). I'm not sure if that comes down to an assistant problem or a time problem. Heck, I'd be happy to help with distribution, though I'm sure there's some rule forbidding it.

Today is going to be busy! I'm calling Round 2 admits starting around 6:30p and then I have bowling. All this plus 2 cases tomorrow. I haven't looked at Financial Reporting, but Ethics is supposedly about 30+ pages. OUCH!! Off to discuss the future of oil prices in Global Financial Markets. We have a guest teacher today who will be running the class. What do you think, up, flat or down?