Saturday, April 11, 2009

BGIA - Catch Up

Around this time last week I was in the midst of cleaning out a house for Building Goodness in April. I thought about writing a post, but thought fellow Darden Blogger, Mechanigal wrote a post, with which I couldn't compete.

To recap, we:

• Replaced all windows
• Revamped front door, screen door, and back door
• Re-laid the back deck
• Installed a new front porch
• Cut down a troublesome tree
• Installed new light fixtures and ceiling fan
• Replaced drywall and insulation throughout the house
• Replaced insulation in the hot water closet
• Laid a new floor in the bathroom, installed a new vanity and toilet
• Painted the entire house inside and out
• Installed new storage units and a bed
• Not to mention a whole lotta sweeping, scrubbing, and moping!

Additionally, the local news covered one of our BGIA projects. Not to mention a great cameo by my roommate! :D

Here are some pictures from the build site:

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