Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The Reading

They say that SY is MUCH easier than FY. They also say that Q4 is a taste of SY... I'm hoping they're wrong. I just can't handle the enormous amount of reading every night! I actually decided NOT to read my LO case for Tuesday (I think this is the 3rd time since the beginning of school that this has happened). Luckily it was on Nordstrom, a store with which I am quite familiar. I was amused to find that my neighbor in class has never been to a Nordstrom and wanted to know to which store she should compare it. I suppose I forget that east and west can be VERY different.

Grades were also posted today. I think the forced curve has people scrambling to inch themselves up to the next level. I do agree that a B+ in participation & and B+ on an exam should not equal a B, but they do occasionally. I'm "competent" in Strategy, which means I've landed among the other 60% or so of my class that received Bs. Honestly, I'm happy about that. I managed to hold strong in the quant classes and I'm not sure where I went wrong in Management Communications. I find it ironic that grades are posted but we are still 3 exams short in you mailboxes (graded exams are distributed to our mailboxes for student pick-up). I'm not sure if that comes down to an assistant problem or a time problem. Heck, I'd be happy to help with distribution, though I'm sure there's some rule forbidding it.

Today is going to be busy! I'm calling Round 2 admits starting around 6:30p and then I have bowling. All this plus 2 cases tomorrow. I haven't looked at Financial Reporting, but Ethics is supposedly about 30+ pages. OUCH!! Off to discuss the future of oil prices in Global Financial Markets. We have a guest teacher today who will be running the class. What do you think, up, flat or down?


Julie said...

Oil prices... should be going up. I think they will rise to about $80 and "settle" there until alternative energy sources eventually replace oil and drive demand down.

I hope they go up, anyway... Oil companies are really cash strapped right now and cutting back production because of the low price. Lower production decreases supply, which should force the price back up.

PS I've never been to Nordstrom's... they don't have any in Alberta.

MechaniGal said...

Confession: I have not been reading my cases this quarter - it's like I suddenly developed ADD or something! I cannot read more than a few pages without losing focus.
Mgmt Comm - yeah that class I could never figure out.