Friday, April 15, 2011

Ode to Public Transit

I'm on the bus, on my way to work. It's been one of my longer work weeks, which is likely nothing compared to my classmates and the life for which I recruited initially.

Before Chicago, I was never a public transit person. Sure I'd hop on the local metro during vacation, but almost never in San Francisco (exception: attending SF Giants games). I remember laughing about the bus names in Boulder, Hop, Skip, and Jump. Even with a student pass included in tuition, I'm not sure I ever took a route. However, I did walk frequently.

Yesterday, on my way home from soccer, I pondered the fact that my primary uses for my car are getting to and from soccer and Costco. I still have a half tank left from my arrival in February.

Public transit and primarily the bus system is my new found friend. It's my transportation to work and going out on the weekends. We even managed the metro to a Cubs game and the bus to a Bulls game.

Plus, on the bus I get my daily dose of Facebook stalking and Words With Friends! There's something to be said for a good transit system in the city. Who knew?

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