Monday, July 17, 2006

Vegas 2006

Lots of pictures, may take some time to load...

Friday July 14, 2006 started off with the thought of alcohol, 115 degree heat, pretty blue pools, and short tight skimpy outfits. I am talking about VEGAS! I had 4 hours of work to get through before I was released for what would be the best Vegas Birthday weekend yet!! Of course with myspace down, those 4 hours didn't fly like I had planned. I have planned this trip 4 times, and I think as time goes on, I get better. I start 4 mos before giving people time to figure out their plans and save some money. Although now, you just know the next trip is a year away. We had room for 16, but ended up with 11 on Friday night and 10 on Saturday night. Crystal came for one night due to family commitments the next.

Crystal, Lindsey, and Jackie arrived first @ 9 am. They were drunk by the pool by 10 am. I got the crazy phone calls and sure enough the pool bartender had cut Lindsey and Jackie off by 2 pm. LMAO By that point Brandi and Susan had met up with them. My flight got in at 3 pm. I crashed on the plane for a short siesta and before I knew it, mom, dad, Poopsie and I were off to Hertz. Check in took a while, but somehow we managed all 3 rooms on the same floor. If you have never been to the Wynn Las Vegas, it is GORGEOUS!!! The rooms are very spacious and the beds are quite cozy. After two unanswered calls, the girls found the lot of us in the lobby. We divided rooms and keys and a small group of us headed to Albertson's to stock up for the weekend. I think we were all hungry because we definitely got a bunch of munchies. 4 bottles of alcohol along with some mixers and we were set to pre-party for the weekend. The drunks had passed out for naptime, so we met Michelle and Christine in the lobby on the way back from the store. Jessica was on her way over to the hotel as well. And I finally heard that Ahna was getting off of work soon. 3 of us went down to return my mom's key and say hi to the fam at their dinner! Sure enough we walk up to my uncle describing these girls getting cut off at the bar in front of them, I think we know who they were. What are the chances?!?! The girls decided on the food court across the way for dinner. It is easier to divide a bill if everyone is paying for their own food. :o) Michelle was the last to get in, but took an earlier flight because she got off work early. It worked out perfectly. Now it was time to get ready for the night! Pre-drinks were taken from my room and everyone was looking for their slutty outfits.

We kicked off the weekend with Jet Nightclub on Friday night. I had made arrangements with a manager to get right in. Took us all of 5 min to drop the name, get free passes, and walk past the line to the front. That was easy! I was buzzed most of the night, a shot and half later with Jackie and I'll admit, things are a bit hazy and I was CAMERA HAPPY!!! Breakfast was back at the hotel @ 5 am - 6 of us left, not too shabby! Although 3 of the girls had run off with the boys they got their free alcohol from (sorry guys, that's what you were good for).

By the time I woke, half the girls had been at the pool for 2 hours. We got a Cabana, 117, poolside! We basically hung by the pool all afternoon, people slowly left to take naps to get their bodies functioning properly. A group of the girls went over to the European Topless pool. They say it was quite invigorating. But with my parents, uncle, grandma, and aunt walking around, I wasn't about to take the chance. They are damn lucky my dad and uncle didn't see them on their way over to the pool.

Dinner was at Capital Grille @ 6:15 pm. Talk about DIVINE! We showed up to individual rounds until they switched to tables to one long one. The laughs were so good I think I definitely started to cry. The speeches started with Jessica, Poopsie, Mom and finished with Uncle Brooks. Mom's final words were "here's to sex" although I am sure there were more to the speeches then that. My uncle stood up on his chair and did a little booty shake. He said he learned that from the porn stars at the pool. With that in mind, the family started talking about the Adult Entertainment convention and told Hardy he had to forewarn them when that was exactly because they are going back! Dinner took 3 hours, but was well worth it. :o)

Saturday night we spent at Tryst Nightclub inside the Wynn. We had 25 min to get ready after dinner and open presents. We walked straight to the front to get our table. They put us in the supreme VIP section with our own security guard. My g-ma, mom, and Aunt joined us for a drink as well. After a little difficulty with the bottles, we finally got everything settled and started the boozing. Michelle H. made friends with the guys next to us. Although that didn't last long because her and I ran off to the stripper pole to do some dancing. People were back and forth and everywhere. It was an awesome time! Couple people stumbled out drunk at 3:30 am. There was a group of us that stayed til 4:45 am when the shitty music wouldn't change. After party was moved to my hotel room. Michelle, Susan, Ahna, Jackie, Hardy, Hardy's roomie, 2 of Ahna's friends and I returned to the room. We had an iPod set with fun Vegas music. People immediately took over the bed's and somehow we went from 2 people crashed in my room to 5 (plus the 2 of us that were awake). Michelle was adamant that she wanted Pizza, so we called room service. Everyone was out but two people, although Jackie came in and out of consciousness with some great comments. We woke everyone up for at least a slice, except Michelle wouldn't budge.

Hours later 7:30 am rolls around and I decide it is time for bed. I kicked Susan and Michelle out of the bed so that I could get some zzz's. Michelle walked into the bathroom, but somehow returned without a shirt on. I handed her a towel, her purse and she went to her room. The next morning, she didn't remember any of it! I kicked Jackie out at 9 am, so she could make her flight. I was woken up by food goers at 11:30 am. The lack of sleep was a bit rough. We bummed around a bit then went to the room to pack. Packing took longer than I thought and somehow our luck panned out that everything from packing to check out to arriving at the airport went smoothly. Michelle and I finished up with a milkshake, onion rings, and cheese fries at the airport. We SURVIVED!

Quotes: "If I could, I'd fuck Vegas every night of the week" Michelle H. Vegas Virgin

"'s to sex" Mom's Birthday Speech

"I have a menu in my crotch and I drooled on Ahna" - Jackie

"I don't care what you say about me, I love you all! You're all invited to my funeral" - Poopsie

Which one do you want as a new wife?? "I want all of them!" Can you afford that? "If I get rid of your Aunt Marilyn, then YES!" Uncle Brooks

Thanks Girls for an AWESOME trip!!!

Back Row: Michelle M., Jackie, and Christine
Middle Row: Susan, Brandi, Paige, Lindsey, Michelle H., and Ahna
In Front: Hardy