Wednesday, February 01, 2012

What Do You Say at 30?

It's lingering around the corner like a stalker that just won't get the hint - 30! Who would have thought we'd actually survive all those stupid things we did as kids? While a number of my friends have tangoed with 30, there are many of us counting down the days or months until that big day. Of course, with everyone turning 30 this year, I'm not sure I can handle all the big celebrations. I am getting "old" after all.

In the spirit of big birthdays, a friend's friend decided to compile 30 wishes from 30 friends. I think it's a touching and brilliant idea. However, what do you say at 30? My trusty friend Google gave me a couple quick ideas. I specifically liked this quote by Bob Dylan, "may you stay forever young." Slightly corny and maybe even a bit cliche, though it embeds everything I hope to accomplish as the years progress. "Adult" life can jade us. We forget that you work for more than the paycheck. Sometimes we have bad weeks, bad months, even horrible years, but with everything there's a reason (philosophical, I know). I hope to remember to have fun. While I may never have another time in my life where I don't have a care in the world. I hope to remember that age is just a number and youth is a feeling.

Not too long ago, my fiance and I painted pottery at a local studio. I made a "Cheerios" bowl - bright yellow with a red heart and "o's" inside. The outside read, Cheerios. But of course, the kid in me couldn't let the fact that I wanted paw prints and the color purple on my bowl, so I painted the bottom purple (can only be seen if you flip it over) and put paw prints on either side of my "Cheerios" signage. Perfect. As I washed it this evening, all I could think is that I'm just a big kid. It's moments like this where I feel youth.

So to my friend:

May you stay forever young. - Bob Dylan
30 is by no means the end of journey, so may this year be just one in a long string of fantastic years. Happy Birthday Miss 30! Rock it. Big hugs, Paige