Friday, March 09, 2012

Moving Parts

I'm tired, somehow functioning and slightly agitated. Thank goodness it's Friday! It seems that Google finally made a Blogger app. It always amazed me that it didn't happen sooner. Maybe I'll write more. By no means is it a lack of ideas, thoughts or experiences. It's simply that lately, I feel a love hate relationship with my phone. I've had to rely on my phone more and more recently to accomplish tasks. While the screen is big by phone standards, it's tiny compared to my 24 inch monitor at work. Plus, even with Swype, typing on my phone gets the best of me.

So why so much time and energy? It's primarily because communication doesn't stop when I go to work, but my computer access to email does.

I suppose I should take a few steps back. Last July, I was asked to be the Mrs of the love of my life. Since we met, we have generally been on the same page. One of those important items is where we want to settle down. I left the Bay Area in 2008, having one concrete thought, I'd be back. I never knew when or what stops I'd take between 2008 and my return, but I always knew, the Bay Area is home. Not only is my family nearby, but also a good portion of my sizable network is still local.

Fast forward to December 2011. My fiance and I return to California, Northern and Southern, for the holidays. Next thing I know, we are discussing making a move west. It felt very fictional at first, but as time went on, it became more real. First I was telling my boss that I was moving to California, though wasn't sure when. Within months, I informed him that I'd be moving at the end of March. And now, we're about a week from that date and all the pisces are falling into place. More to come...

Written Friday, March 9th