Friday, April 24, 2009

Foxfields, DNIF Carnival & Darden FOLLIES!

I realize it's Friday night and I should be celebrating the end of a FIVE day week, but instead, I plan on going to bed "early" in preparation for FOXFIELDS. Foxfields is essentially a tailgating event as most people won't be close enough to see the horses. Darden will have its own tent with food and beverages for the day. A number of students also rent "plots" for somewhere to go when they are no longer "upholding the Darden brand."

To kick off this great event and the end of a crazy week, tonight was the DNIF Carnival. DNIF stands for Darden Non-Profit Internship Fund. This fund essentially allows students at Darden to afford unpaid internships during the summer. Students may apply to the fund to receive a small stipend of approximately $3,000 if their internship is unpaid.

The purpose of the carnival was to raise money for the fund. This was the carnival's first year and I hope, the tradition will continue next year. Games included sumo wrestling (yes, I witnessed our DSA President pummel the head of the Office of Student Affairs), bag toss and the infamous DUNK TANK! Professor Weiss, my Q2 operations professor was perched high with his reindeer ears when a 6 year old dunked him! I missed the target completely, though my aim was not as bad as I anticipated. What may have been better than seeing Weiss dunked multiple times by his 8 year old son is Eric, section D's section rep (I realize that's redundant) being dunked by Section I.

DNIF Carnival was followed by Follies! If you've never seen a Follies skit at a business school, it's a treat. Of course, I'm not sure the humor would be the same if you didn't actually attend the school. Many people put hours of work into writing, filming and editing skits. There were also live skits mixed in with the videos. There was one skit however, that trumped all!

Professor Scott Snell is my L.O. professor and one of the SYs was impersonating him. They went to an "LO Off" to figure out who the real Snell was. In the analysis of the SYs drawings, he was essentially found out because the phrase "Fuzzy Muffins" was mixed in with his analysis. A few videos later, we cut to a live skit where the entertainers were discussing what it would take to be Snell. They wanted a volunteer and sure enough Professor Jim Clawson, another LO professor, got on stage. Snell is basically bald, so the first thing you need is to get rid of the hair. As Clawson had his hair clipped, his wife's face was priceless. SHE HAD NO IDEA!! Needless to say, they took Clawson to the back room to be unveiled in dress that matches Snell's style and a freshly shaved head. I think his wife about died!

I laughed so hard from Follies that my sides hurt. I think my skit where I "beat up" my boyfriend (a spoof on Rhianna and Chris Brown) was taken well. Of course, maybe it was simply that I was wearing a ridiculous gangster outfit that caused the uproar. All the same, great times, good laughs and we have big shoes to fill next year, though I don't doubt that CD, BR, CS, EM and crew are up to the task! A job well done!!

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Congrats to you! I am VERY excited to almost be done. I should be finished by Friday actually! Scary! Back to work...