Saturday, September 30, 2006

CU v CSU Game Sept 8-10

I probably should have blogged this earlier, but I will admit that the whole weekend is a little hazy and discombobulated. Brandi picked me up from the airport like a good friend. We headed straight to Old C’s. My friends are so sweet to put up with my “needs” for food. Hawk was the token guy as always with Brandi, Susan, Christine and me. He fits in so well as long as we aren’t discussing menstrual cycles and make up. After Old C’s we all went home to get ready for a night on the town.

Hawk, Jen, Christine, Brandi, Susan, and I all met up and went to Public House. After being there for a bit we headed to Downtown Tavern. I ran into an old neighbor and Lesley Horton who just say happens to live in DC. Talk about missing her by a week!!!! The posse had left by 12:30 am and Brandi and I decided to head home and prepare for a crazy Saturday at the CU v. CSU game.

Saturday morning started by waking up to Miss Brandi on the phone. We told everyone that we were meeting at Sports Column at 12 noon. Brandi and I only thought it was polite to show up on time. We arrived by 11:45 am and had a beer in hand when the first person showed up. Slowly everyone came and met us. We found out there was a shuttle from Sports Column to the stadium for free if you had bought something. Around 2 pm we decided to head to the bus. We met up with some friends that were tailgating in the parking lot. We were all standing in line at kick off to get into the stadium. It was a bummer to find that they were not serving an alcohol at the stadium. Although you could get alcohol on the Club Level. Within moments of sitting down, half the crew was gone to meet up with the boys on the club level. I didn’t see most of them for the rest of the day/night.

Teena, Michelle and I enjoyed the game which is what we came to see. We caught the bus back to Sports Column and all separated to get ready for the night except all my stuff was at Brandi’s house and she was MIA. Linds and I had dinner at Cheesecake Factory. We met up with Christine who was about a bottle of wine deep. Michelle and Derek met us at Sports Column for my third time that day. We went to the roof and I started breaking it down where there was room. Some dude would NOT leave me alone. What part of I don’t want to dance with you, don’t you understand?? Seriously WEIRD! The night finished up with Chrstine and I going back to her place. She has a COMFY bed, I highly recommend it.

I briefly got to meet Brandi’s new man when he picked me up from Christine’s. We packed at Brandi’s, hit up the store, and she took me to the airport. Another weekend in CO survived.

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