Sunday, November 14, 2004


So as of Monday - this is going to be my new car!! I am excited yet disappointed that I will be giving up my car. My car and I have an extensive love-hate relationship. It isn't that old and my CD player is jammed and my brakes suck. I guess it was just time to upgrade. Fully loaded - I am not sure exactly how often I will use a navigation system, but I will let you know. It is funny when you start looking to buy big things like a car, you find out what is important to you. When we bought my condo in Colorado, at the end, all I wanted was a washer dryer. I didn't mind doing my own dishes as long as I didn't have to go somewhere to do laundry. Gosh it worked out nice! With my new car, heated seats were number 1. I drive to work @ 6:45 am and the seats heat up faster than the heater, so of course what becomes important. I just think it is funny how that works.. well off to bed. How do you like my new car?


Lamar said...

Oh such a hard knock life for you babe! CONGRATS, altho I'm more of an M3 kinda guy ;)

Jay Jamie said...

New care that needs breakin in! Gosh... Wonder who could help you with that?! Wink, wink! hehe... That car had me facinated... just by the damn headlights, a.k.a. moving spotlights. lol. MUAH! Let me know if you need help on the afformntioned needs , hehe.

Lindsey Van Slyke said...

What a cool car! You better come pick me up at the airport in it!