Friday, June 20, 2008

Move Date

After much deliberation and indecisiveness, I set my move date. After a whirlwind 9 day adventure among SF, C'ville and Vegas, I will officially move on July 30th! I can't begin to explain how much stress I've felt setting this date. I know it sounds silly given that I obviously must move before classes begin, but I have had huge commitment problems for the smallest of tasks. All that is left open in my schedule is July 8th - 21st. My birthday falls on Friday July 18th and I have NO IDEA where I'm going to be for it. A few friends want that information now and I can't help but postpone the decision. I'm crossing my fingers that things settle down in my boyfriend's world so that I may visit him before I move to C'ville. Planning in advance is not his strong suit; he is much more of a last minute person. Good news is, he flies in on Monday, so I get to see him for a few days before I run off on my next adventure. WOO HOO! :)

I finished the last of my modules today! Very excited to be done, but a bit disappointed I didn't score better on the test. I will simply have to check the answer key when I get to Darden. I received the first of the 6 books I ordered from Amazon. I'm hoping the remaining arrive before I leave on Wednesday as I want to finish the required reading and attempt the optional reading before pre-term classes.

Looking at my calendar, I'm going to be SICK of airplanes by the end of July! Luckily, I won't have time to travel once class begins.

On unrelated news, I've spent the last few unemployed afternoons watching the EuroCup 2008. Incredible matches! Germany v. Portugal was a great game and a great disappointment to many Portugal fans, (I'm secretly hoping Germany makes it to the finals... I land in Berlin June 29th - the day of the finals.) Today I watched Croatia v. Turkey and seriously contemplated a nap around the 100th minute. Happy to say, I forewent the nap and thus saw the practically back to back goals for the two teams forcing the match into PKs. Such a horrible way to win or lose a game, IMO. I'm still trying to figure out how I can watch Netherlands v. Russia tomorrow as I'm supposed to be up North for a BBQ starting at 2p and the game ends a little before then.


HappyBunny said...

Hey Peige, stop procasnating :) just hire professional mover, it's going to make your life so much easier :P

Have a nice summer yeah? Can't wait for your MBA blogs :P

Journey 2BSchool said...

Very exciting - a little over a month left before you are living your dreams :)

Looking forward to reading about your Darden Days!

Martin said...

Hey love the blog. I'll be moving to Charlottesville in August to get my masters in accounting from the McIntire School. Just curious - what's the summer reading list for Darden?

JulyDream said...

Summer reading list for Darden (including ISBN):

Recommended: A Random Walk Down Wall Street, Ninth Edition – 0393330338
Recommended: The Ten-Day MBA 3rd Ed. – 0060799072
Required: Fooled by Randomness, 2nd ed. – 0812975219
Required: Leadership and Self Deception: Getting Out of the Box, 2002 – 1576751740
Required: The Goal: A Process of Ongoing Improvement, 3rd ed. – 0884271781 <-- reading this now, easy read and very interesting.
Recommended: The Portable MBA, 2004 – 0471222844