Monday, June 16, 2008

St Thomas, USVI

St Thomas, one word: INCREDIBLE! I spent 7 days on the beach, attended a beautiful wedding of two people who are completely in love, took a boat trip to BVI and shared laughter and smiles with a handful of good friends. Absolutely a perfect trip and to think, I almost missed it all! Enjoy some scenic pictures below...

Darden: My welcome packet arrived while I was away and it all seems so soon. I look at the calendar and wonder where the last 4 weeks went and how quick the next month will go. A list of required and recommended reading was also posted during the week away. I suppose I should finish my last pre-matriculation module and get to the reading. I also need to decide on pre-term classes.

My roommate and I officially receive our apartment this Saturday, though the keys won't be picked up until 4th of July weekend when she moves out there. Starting to feel the shock that I'm actually leaving SF, IMO, one of the greatest cities in the world. Today, I also received an email from a fellow class of 2010 Dardenite who apparently followed my blog through their journey. I'm still in aw over the small world, and internet, for that matter.

Computer: I think I've decided on the Dell D630. The specs are basically the same between that and the T61, but as my dad put it, if you can't decide, buy American! I know it's a silly reason, though it seems logical.

Forte Foundation: Attending the conference next week and trying to figure out what I do with my suit when I head to Germany. I think I may bring a Tyvek envelope with me and mail it home. Thursday night is set aside for dinner and drinks with other attendees, but I'm contemplating missing it and going on a CU Alumni boat trip with a college friend. Maybe that defeats the purpose of my trip. However, there are many forms of networking.

Soccer: Two games this week and after a week of fried food and drinking, I definitely need the exercise. I thought 2 weeks ago would be my last game, but it seems I've squeezed in a few more and this will definitely be it. It makes me a bit sad as soccer is definitely a part of me I don't want to lose over the next two years. Pick up games will definitely be planned at the beginning of the school year.

Pending Trips: San Diego is in the works for this weekend, though I need to connect with a friend to determine logistics. Funny enough, I've never been to SD and have spent the majority of my life in SF.

Class of 2011: I'm so happy to see so many active members of the next class. Sometimes I read my posts from the beginning and it makes me realize how far I've come. I hope you feel the same.

Blog: I finally added an email address to the About Me section of the this blog. It occurred to me that I don't make it easy for people to message me and occasionally, people do have questions.

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