Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Initiate Blog Sabbatical

And it begins... tonight I catch a redeye out of SFO to JFK for the Forte Conference that officially begins on Friday. Tomorrow night, I will feast with some other Darden women at Cercle Rouge in NYC. Never been, but after a quick investigation, it looks promising. The Forte Conference is sure to be filled with networking, new friends and a lot of useful information. Turn on the thinking cap!

I just finished the first Semi-Final of the EuroCup and it's official, Germany is going to the FINALS!! After a few crazy days in NYC, I leave Saturday night and fly to Berlin, just in time for the EuroCup finals! I'm STOKED! Find me a beer hall with a TV. Germany will be a whirlwind - spending no more than 2 solid days in any one city and returning to the states on July 7th. Just in time to plan a birthday fiesta and pack my things for Charlottesville.

I've officially completed the first of an array of summer reading and I can't believe it only took me 4 days. I suppose the fact that the book is interesting helped. Hopefully that's an indication of what's to come at Darden. My computer is purchased and I did go American, Dell D630. It'll be available for pick up starting July 24th - during my first trip back to C'ville. My configuration appointment is on July 31st, my first official living day in C'ville. I registered for the Excel course starting August 4th and a career planning course. I'm still debating if I need to take the Econ course. If I don't take it, I have 5 days to settle in, but perhaps the class is more helpful than whatever else I'll do in those 5 days. There's still time to register if I change my mind. Lastly, I sent off my check for Darden's outdoor adventure the weekend before school begins. I couldn't turn down camping, hiking and tubing in Virginia with fellow classmates!

As you can see, it's been a productive week and the most exciting part was setting up my UVa email address. Virginia, like many schools, has a typical sub-par webmail application, however, you can may opt to migrate your email address to Google (Gmail) or MicrosoftLive@Edu. I chose the former as I've used it for a lot of my personal correspondence and needless to say, it's fabulous. Looks like, feels like, and acts just as Gmail does, except it has a pretty UVa insignia in the top left corner.

Items left to complete:

Update Resume to Darden's preferred format
Register for the BCG Event in either Boston or SF
Sign up for health insurance

Hope everyone enjoys the next couple weeks!


HappyBunny said...

wow, very productive! :P if you decided to come to the BCG even in Boston, maybe we could meet. WOW :P

HairTwirler said...

It was great meeting you! Safe travels to Virginia (my homestate sweet home)

Oren said...

Enjoy your last days of freedom. I hear a 2 year roller coaster is coming.