Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Jet Setting

The weekend vacations began last Saturday with our crazy 9 hour trip to Vegas! Kels and I had a BLAST! The next escapade will be Washington DC this weekend to visit Mack. Luckily enough I got ahold of Miss Amanda and hopefully she will be joining us in DC for at least an afternoon seeing it has been 2 years since I have seen her.

The weekend after that I am headed towards my alma mater, University of Co, Boulder. We won’t venture back to Boulder, but will be showing some team spirit at Invesco Field in Downtown Denver on Saturday afternoon for the CU v. CSU game. Fuck em up Fuck em up GO C-U! I am sure we will act silly and pretend we are in college again, only to not want to move from the couch the morning after. Definitely looking forward to seeing all the CO kids and celebrating Christine’s b-day (although a few days late).

After three weekends of travels I will be settling down ‘til the end of October when I run off to Vegas, again, for Halloween. That will be a night to remember... or maybe not.

The multi year tradition of West VA will be continued this year for Thanksgiving. December will bring a year end trip to Salt Lake City for skiing making it back just in time for a ball drop in San Francisco. January will kick off visiting Jackie and Jenn in St. Thomas.

Basically, it’s going to be some crazy busy months to come! Catch ya during my downtime. :o)

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