Thursday, May 20, 2010

Five Days

In some alternate universe, I'd be looking forward to this weekend - planning excessive drunk nights out and thoroughly enjoying the fact that graduation is HERE! Beach week is over (more about that later) and I'm back in Charlottesville doing what I do best lately - packing, donating and cleaning. There will be 32 of us in attendance for graduation dinner on Sunday night. I have 4 cases of beer (12 bottles/case) and 1.5 cases of wine. Plus, I'm sure there will be some liquor. It should be a blast. However, I will likely be worrying about Monday morning more than enjoying Sunday night. Monday is the official kick off of the next adventure.

Monday morning I leave for Louisville, KY. Seven hours in the car later, driving West on 64 will put me in my new home for the next 9 months - the corporate apartments of a well-known hotel in downtown Louisville. Tuesday morning, I start fulltime employment! I suppose the end goal after two years of new friendships and intense learning is to return to the working world in some form or another. While I have aspirations of potentially becoming an entrepreneur later in life, I chose the big company route for immediately after business school. Besides one classmate, I have the earliest start date yet. It feels weird as I know most people are here for another week to pack up their belongings whereas I am almost out the door.

We have received emails about "De-Dardenization" which is essentially removing the Darden specific setup on our laptops and adding a new "Non-Darden" email to our alumni profiles. Two years ago this seemed so far away. Even when I returned home, no one could believe that it had actually been two years already. I keep thinking that work and the "real world" are so far away, until I realize it's a measly five days and they are fast approaching.

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