Friday, May 21, 2010

SF, Bahamas, Beach Week

Honestly, I'm ready to be in one place again. Heading back to the Bay Area is always a highlight. I hadn't been home since Halloween, which may have been the longest sabbatical yet.

During my stay, the man and I ventured to Berkeley to see two of my first year friends at Haas. It is always interesting hearing about others' business school adventures. I don't want to say comparing, more so exchanging ideas and experiences.

I held a small Cinco de Mayo party at the house that allowed me to see two of my married friends and their young children. We also attended a wedding of one of my good friends since I was 15. Trips home always seem short these days and I feel there are always more people to see. With so many friends with young children, it has become harder and harder to coordinate nights out. I suppose the longer I am away, the more times change and I have to realize that.

The Bahamas was a great trip. The older I get, the more I revel in my parents' company. We ate well, drank good wine and enjoyed a couple nights on the dance floor. The weather was a bit windy though still gorgeous. BVB and I swam with the dolphins one afternoon before meeting up with the group to try the "not so lazy" river. We also convinced my dad to try every water slide with us.

After one night back in Charlottesville I drove to the Outer Banks in North Carolina for what is known as beach week. Houses that fit 6 to 30 people are rented along the beach by second year Darden students. Our house was a lot more low key than some of our classmates. Given that the weather wasn't great, we played lots of video and board games. Turns out the Wii and Rock Band on PS3 were the favorites. The Outer Banks truly signifies the end of Darden. Grad weekend is here! Let the rest of the festivities begin.

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