Sunday, September 28, 2008


I am not sure I ever anticipated the day that I would pull out the last of a quarter's cases. Yes, of course it was bound to happen and yes, I know that my marketing final is Friday, but tonight is when it finally hit me. I have 2 cases left in Marketing and then on Friday, the class will be complete. Everyone says to enjoy business school because the time flies. That's an understatement! I feel like it's been lightning speed since I arrived and I can't help but acknowledge how quickly it'll all come to an end. I realize I still have a while to go, but if this quarter is any indication, I'm going to blink and this will all be over. As for finals starting, I suppose I've tried my best to avoid those thoughts. Although, I do need to start "studying", which basically entails concept review. On that note, I have a career management packet to complete, an L.O. reading assignment and my LT wants to do 6 cases tomorrow... basically, they're out of their minds and I'm off to work. Night. :)


MechaniGal said...

I gave up on PCP - It was too much to do and required too much thinking and my hyper brain couldn't settle down enough to think coherently. And this is just September. (Gulp!)

Ameya said...

BLINK! Yea, thats just what you would need to do realise you are out of the school ;)
Anyway... its still long time. For now, all the best for your exams... and yes, keep jotting your MBA life...