Monday, April 12, 2010

Best of Blogging Nominees 2009-2010!

A hearty thank you to Clear Admit and congrats to all my fellow bloggers! Clear Admit does the community a great service by not only recognizing bloggers, but also providing a space for the vast business school information available. Check out the post here: Best of Blogging Nominees 2009-2010!


Caroline c/o Clear Admit said...

Congrats, we're glad you got the news. To get your ballot and cast your vote, please email 'bob' 'at'


uk bingo said...

congratulations. by the way, how do they choose the nominees? do they choose or you have to present your blog as an entry?

JulyDream said...

Per Clear Admit:

"The process we used to determine BoB nominees started with considering all FFF-featured blogs and those listed in the Clear Admit Wiki. Looking at originality and relevance of content, as well as total number of posts and overall contribution to the space, we then narrowed the count down to 20 applicants and 20 students."