Sunday, January 15, 2012

Planning 1,2 3!

Wedding planning – a never ending job. There's always something else on the list! 

Every trip to San Francisco since September (there's been five!),  has had back to back meetings and events. I'm excited to announced that many of the the wedding big-ticket items are done.

Venue – check.

Photographer – check.

Florist – check.

THE DRESS – check.

Bridesmaid dresses – check.

Engagement photos – selected, but need to be ordered.

Catering - check.

Invite list including addresses - check!

Ceremony musician - check.

Save the dates - in transit to Chicago...
Wedding website - almost done.

Wedding hotel blocks - booked.

On one hand, I review the list and feel accomplished. There's 7 months left before the big day. However, there are a number of other items I want to get done and I know those 7 months are going to fly. With 7 weddings to attend, next year already has a number of busy weekends. Plus, I'm in 4 of the weddings (including my own), which means, bachelorette parties (wee!!) and bridal showers (yay). It's going to be an expensive year.

My other fear is that now I need to get into the details. With spreadsheets, I'm incredibly detail oriented, but centerpieces are a completely different ballgame. Is it important to me to have one silverware design over another? I have no idea. Plus, now I need to think about the little things that just make the event pop...hmm.

Still on the big list:

Alcohol - started discussions with the venue.

Limo – haven't even started looking.

DJ – waiting for a response.

Photobooth – investigation needed.

Bachelorette party list – in process.

Linens and table settings - meeting scheduled.

I know I'm missing something(s), just not sure what they are right now.

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