Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Working from Home

We've settled in to our temporary home on the peninsula. It's weird to be home, under the roof I remember most through my childhood. Mom setup a makeshift desk for me in the office. It works for what I need. The working at home experience has been interesting. At work, I'd wander from my desk to do something and would end up conversing with someone for often many minutes. At home, I'm constantly worried about being away for my desk for more than 5 minutes, at which point my IM indicator changes from green (available) to yellow (inactive). I've put some unnecessary pressure on myself to make sure that I demonstrat the amount of work that I accomplish. Fact is, my boss did put his neck out to allow me to continue to work for him.

I like the the flexibility to occasionally work from home, but the 24/7 experience leaves something to be desired. My coworkers are four legged friends who like to bark at everything that passes the house. They're not exactly conference call friendly. All that said, I thank my leader for this opportunity. Having a job during my move is 10 times better than not having one.

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