Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Catch up

Husband... say it aloud, hus-band. Life has been a whirlwind over the last month. I married my b-school sweetheart just over 3 weeks ago. Since the wedding on August 25th, we honeymooned in the Baltics - 5 cities visited in all. I spent a week in Chicago wrapping up at my previous, yes previous, job. Finally, on Monday, I started a new job! Not only am I now wearing two rings, but I've also found myself using the H-word a little more. At first, it felt VERY weird. It still feels weird now, but the shock is slowly subsiding.

At times I wonder what I'm going to do with all the free time that is no longer devoted to wedding planning. I've already decided that Junior League will get a portion of my free time as it's received nothing since I left Chicago. In addition, I decided to put in another transfer from JLSF to JL-PA-MP (Palo Alto-Mid Peninsula) due to the location of my new job. Going up the street sounded much better than attempting to make meetings that are generally an hour away without traffic and start at 6p.

The new job has some similarities to the old job, I think. For now, it's been one access nightmare after another, which doesn't differ at all from my previous company. I've moved up the Fortune 500 ladder to sub-50 from sub-100. All that means is both companies are equally sized behemoths with bureaucracy and hoops cemented in the organizations' bones. That said, I was previously at a sales office, where I now work at a subsidiary of corporate. I haven't figured out if there is much difference yet, but will report back soon. In either case, I'm still in a finance support role where my main customer is sales. I'm looking forward to learning new systems, terminology and products. While I'm still in healthcare, this is definitely an extent towards helping the patient. Maybe I won't get that funny look when I tell people what I do. It's the look when someone says they work in health insurance and you can't figure out if you should yell at them because of something your insurance company did/did not do or if you should politely leave the conversation because now your opinion of them has changed.

And perhaps I'll blog more, though no promises.

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