Friday, September 17, 2004

Going out...with mom..?

In college it was guarenteed that I would be out 3 nights every weekend. Heck according to my friends and I, our weekend was 3 nights! Thursday was probably the most popular day to party. Fridays I think we tended to take it the lightest, but even when we were taking it easy, you probably wouldn't have been able to tell.

Last night, as I lay in bed, almost ready to fall asleep at 20 before 10 pm, mom called. She had gone out to dinner for a girls night out. She told me to get out of bed and come down to the club/bar they were at and go dancing. Sure enough, at Mom's request, I got up, tossed something decent on and went dancing. It was so funny. Mom and her friends are lookin at Crystal and I and asking if we would give them lessons on dancing. LOL

Some dude, who seemed to be some sort of manager there, came up and asked where I had learned to dance. Then he told me that my friends (referring to mom and hers) and I should come out to some club in the ciity and he would give us free passes. I am not sure if he seriously thought we were all friends or if he was trying to be nice. Needless to say it was entertaining.

So now it is 7:30 am and I am at work. I am known to be able to stay up as late as I want and still be able to function during the day. Although I may be functioning, it is quite slow and a little off. I feel old and I am only 22!

Mom joked that her and her friends are going to start coming out with my friends and I. Then she said we would rent a limo so that my girls and I could get drunk. I think I may just have to take her up on that offer. Aren't moms the best, at least mine is.

I know this is random, but it is early, I am tired, it is Friday, and I don't seem to have any focus.



Jay Jamie said...

Perfect party to use that to your advantage... Bring momma out... That would be SOOOOOO FUN!

Lindsey Van Slyke said...

ok, so you did end up going out last night. Hell ya I love partying with you mom shes the best and a fun person to get drunk with!! So you are not a fun drunk dialer... hehe. You answer the phone when other people drunk dial you but not when your best friend does...I see how it is. Anyway I hope you are having a great day! I know you are at work but hang in there in a few hours you will be off and then its the weekend! Anyway, call me when you get off. Miss you and love you.
PS: when are you going to come out and visit me. Its not the same with out you here!!