Thursday, July 17, 2008


It's Thursday, I think. I've lost track of the days since I quit my job and they've blurred even more as the end gets nearer. My lists are getting smaller, which is good, but of course, EVERYONE wants to see me. I've released the reigns for my birthday and thus, I have NO IDEA what or where we're going. In some ways, it's easier, in others, it's more complicated.

Last night, I grabbed farewell drinks with the soccer gang. The turnout was small, but perfect. I got to speak with everyone individually which was fabulous! We had a great time, though I cursed McIntyre's name this morning. He's evil. Or maybe it's whiskey that is evil. Could even be both. ;)

Packing... hmm, what's that? I look around my room knowing that in 4 days, I leave for C'ville and yet, procrastination ensues. I know tomorrow through Sunday are slammed with festivities and farewells. That leaves Monday and part of Tuesday, WOW! The question for me is WHAT DO I PACK?! I'm not taking everything. Obviously clothes are a must, but which ones. It sounds silly, but basically, I can take 4 suitcases with an approximate total of 200 lbs worth of stuff with me before I must start shipping. Unfortunately, even that realization doesn't give me the feeling that I should begin.

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