Monday, August 24, 2009

The Disaster that is Me

Hello Monday morning and the first day of classes!

The California adventure was good fun and likely deserves its own post. Though, let's be honest, I rarely return to write those when I say I will... here's the recap. Three days in SF were grand and I had a small soiree for myself that made me remember why I love and miss the Bay as much as I do. My mom, bf, and I drove to Vegas from NorCal, but took the scenic route because the GPS was set wrong... oh yes, an additional 2 hours in the car was fun. (I was more than peeved.) B's wedding was gorgeous. It was small, so I felt lucky to be there especially given how incredible she looked. After 3 nights in Vegas, we ditched mom and headed South to visit the bf's family. I took a tour of SoCal from stops in Palm Dessert and San Diego to a couple nights in San Clemente. This part of the trip was much more relaxing and included multiple trips to dealerships as the boy is looking to purchase a car. We spent one night in Morro Bay, which has the infamous Morro Rock, before finishing the coastal drive north. Part of me wishes we had returned to Cville on Wednesday instead of late Friday night because perhaps then, I wouldn't be such a disaster, though the drive was wonderful and something I hadn't experienced even after growing up in CA.

Darden's school-wide picnic was on Saturday afternoon and I attended after a couple errands, including the big case packet purchase. It was weird being back on grounds. The halls were familiar and yet multiple faces were missing. Missing faces were replaced with a sea of new ones and though I do want to meet the first years, I find I still have problems recalling names of my own classmates. Saturday's picnic went straight to Saturday night festivities - beer pong and flip cup in full effect. I woke Sunday, feeling overwhelmed by the fact that I had FOUR Monday classes for which to prepare. I managed to get all my reading accomplished, but I'm still struggling to figure out how tonight's reading will be done after about 7 hours of class and an end time of 7:30p. My desk is a disaster, practically still in boxes. I'm running around trying to get an entire soccer team registered by tomorrow and I can't help but look forward to this weekend, which is an entire four days away. Cheers!

All in all, it's good to be back! And as mom would say, life is good! :D

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Julie said...

Ha ha, I can totally relate.

I've started forgetting names that I used to know.