Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Business Trip: Green Bay

Before Monday, what did I know about Green Bay? Winters are cold, they're known for their cheese, there's beer and of course the Green Bay Packers. Since then, I've discovered small business operations, the Green Bay Bullfrogs and a cook your own steakhouse.

In two days, I've learned a ton more about the way my company functions. I've also had job titles put in full perspective. What does an underwriter do anyhow? I now know! (They're not really the bad guy!!)

After work on Monday, the team ventured to a local brewery, which was located on the Fox River. What's so cool about the Fox River? It is one of a few that actually flows North! Who knew? No Monday could be complete without a Bullfrogs baseball game. The Bullfrogs team encompasses a number of college players who play during the off season and at times are recruited through scouts to the minors. The best part about the game was the seventh inning dizzy bat race between four of my coworkers. Classic!

Tonight our hotel suggested Prime Quarter Steakhouse for dinner. Twenty dollars gets you any one of a number of steaks including all you can eat salad, potato, and Texas toast. You have to cook the steak yourself or can pay two dollars for someone to do it for you. It was a fun experience, especially for one who often leaves grilling to the boys. Overall, I did well.

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