Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Presentation and License Exam

At times, I feel like I should be wrapping up an internship. The last six days were by far the hardest I've worked since starting three months ago.

The three days leading up to this past Friday were packed with presentation skills training and practice. Valuable overall, yes, as I can always use more practice and reinforcement. However, I graduated from a top program where I took two very similar courses. Friday was the big day where I presented to senior leaders my market presentation on what I gleaned from two visits to Chicago. I think it went well overall and received few questions.

As soon as the presentation was over, it was time to start preparing for the Kentucky life and health insurance exam. We took a 40 hour course two months ago. I didn't forget everything but definitely had holes. Needless to say, most of my weekend and all day Monday were spent with my nose in a 700 page textbook like book. When I passed both tests on Tuesday, it all seemed worth it. I'm officially licensed! To celebrate, my boyfriend and I grabbed lunch and saw Inception.

It seems now that almost the entire group has checked out. Graduation from this program is Friday and most of my coworkers will leave Saturday for their markets. Time flew this summer and I imagine the next six months of finance rotations will soon be a blur.
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nisha said...

This is an excellent thought provoking post.

Redford said...

The last week of my internship in London, for my management degree course were absolute hell. Just like you: 'presentation skills training and practice' culminating in the presentation to the senior staff in my department at the end of the week. But, as difficult as it was it was definately worth it.