Monday, June 27, 2011

Race to Taste

I wanted more than anything to turn off the alarm on Sunday morning and go back to sleep. Instead, I forced myself out of bed and out of the house by 8a. The boy and I had signed up for the Humana Race to Taste 5K. It's been a while since I've competed in a race, if you can really call running a 5K for no reason competing.

Since my move to Chicago in February, I've been a slave to the gym, in a very good way. Over the years, the gym and I have been on everything from fantastic terms, seeing each other almost daily, to long hiatuses, often due to the fact that I've injured myself. Recently, I've taken up Pilates. Not only am I attending the free mat classes, but I've also paid for a group apparatus class. Likely the first time I've paid for any trainer related activity at the gym.

Outside of the gym, I've found a couple of soccer teams. While the rules aren't as strange as those in Atlanta or Louisville, I do miss the full 90 minute games that I played in San Francisco. My teammates likely think I'm insane when a team asks if I'd like to play again and I excitingly say YES! I even sometimes eye the teams before taking off my stuff.

With all the activity going on, I'd say I'm back in good shape. However, it was Sunday that put it in perspective. The morning was perfect for a run and the loop couldn't have been better - Millenium Park past Solider Field and back along the lake. BF paced me for most the race, which both confused and motivated me to keep my pace. We passed the first mile at 7:15, a little faster than I would like. The second mile disappeared after 15 minutes. And I kept waiting to see the third mile marker. To no avail, I soon saw the turn and the last dash to the finish started. I crossed the line at 23:59 (7:43 mile pace). Not bad given that these days I may run 3 miles, but only with a combination of a mile warm up and 8 quarter mile sprints.

The race felt good! In addition, by 10a, I felt like I had accomplished a lot. We took the couple mile walk home to enjoy the weather and let our bodies relax. Plus, who can say no to a walk through the (free) Lincoln Park zoo? I just wanted to say hi to the big kitty cat (aka Leopard).

Chicago is definitely an amazing place during the summer!

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