Monday, August 13, 2012


Less than two weeks!! Where has the last year gone? The details are slowly being resolved. Guestbook arrived from Australia today. The last of bridesmaids and groomsmen gifts have been selected. The seating assignments are relatively in order. Tables need to be assigned, but that has to be the easy part. The list is shrinking, yet I feel like I'm forgetting something.

I started writing something to the bridesmaids about their gifts. It made me think for a second. August 25th, the first and last day of a chapter. Future decisions will now affect two instead of one. I won't have a spot to go that is just mine. It is all ours. And somehow, I'm not scared. I hope I can be everything that he needs and thinks that I am. I ponder what words to write in my vows. I've started multiple times and always end up thinking about how lucky I am and all that he does for me. I know I reciprocate. Though I'm often in awe as to how everything came to be. Perhaps that's the best part.

I had a plan 4 years ago when I decided to to move across the country to attend Darden. I can't say nothing worked out as planned, though not much did for sure. I'm not an investment banker giving my life to Wall Street. I don't bring in the same income as them either. However, I do have my work-life balance, even if life is currently consumed by wedding planning. I had plans to date no one. Suppose that lasted about a month. And in the end, I met my match. He balances me. He challenges me. He makes my heart swoon  and my knees buckle. He is my other half.

Wedding countdown in full swing...

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