Thursday, December 27, 2007

Frosty the Snow Man Could Live by Me

We look ridiculous in parkas, hats, gloves, and scarves! After all, it is California. Even if it is Northern California, there's some sort of taboo because to all the East Coast transplants, 31 degrees is not THAT cold. However, to me, even after living in Colorado for 4 years, 31 degrees is cold, so I walked out of my house this morning with a 3/4 length down winter coat (and that's not the sleeve length). You'd probably think that I had been picked up and set down in Boston, but no, I'm just slightly south of San Francisco.

My favorite Christmas present this year is probably the overly expensive earmuffs my mother gave me. Granted, she paid for the label, but they are adorable. Actually, I probably should have worn them today.

Yesterday, I had to fight the wind coming off the Bay when I arrived at work. First thought, maybe not getting into Kellogg was a blessing. This morning, my thought was, what's the weather like in Virginia? I never got around to checking, until now, a calm 51 degrees to my "feels like" 42 degrees.

Where's the hot chocolate and fire place when you need 'em? I'm preparing for snow. ;)


globetrotter415 said...

I hope NYE won't be this cold in the city. Best of luck with your Darden interview!

Achilles said...

yeah Santa was really nice to me this year. I had a great christmas and a really great shopping time :)
Hope you too had great time.
yeah just 4 days to go for new year, time really passes seems like yesterday only when i started thinking abt my GMAT.
And i am also living just south of San francisco and i totally agree, today its freezing cold outside, though temp is not that low...

All the best for your Darden interview, do well!!

Achilles said...


this is my first new year in SF, can you tell me some good place to be wherein i can go in with some friends here in the city...
i have heard that its a great crowd at union square and pier 39 on 31st.

HappyBunny said...

chicago is really really cold. My freshman I was so happy to see snow, didn't notice how cold it is. Then when I came back from a 'warm' winter break in SF, I was freezing my tail off. Feb and March it was too cold to snow. Now, I'm in Boston, it is not as cold as chicago. But, I have see so much snow, I hate snow now. I was stuck in traffic that day we had the snow storm for 4 freaking hours, usually takes 30 minutes. But, I still love chicago. :) (but always have a warm spot for SF, because that's where home was)