Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Train has Left the Station

...and won't be returning. It's official, DING, Kellogg is out of the picture. I have the desire to click on the Kellogg folder in my inbox and press delete. I'm not exactly sure what that would do for me, but perhaps I would feel some sort of redemption for all the hard work I put into their application. Granted, there are many tweaks I would make to those essays if I were submitting them today, but I didn't want to wait until Round 2. From here, I can only look forward, which is to say, I still have 3 other schools to hear from, although Michigan's silence worries me a bit. In the past, I did not carefully consider any Round 2 schools, but on some level, I feel I should have. There is still time, but if I don't have the drive to write essays for LBS, I can't imagine having the drive to write essays for any other school. My oh so happy Thursday just became a little ho-hum. I will skip the coffee chat - already sent that email off. There is not reason for me to waste their time and mine. Tonight I have dinner plans and a few holiday shindigs... hoping those will brighten what now seems to be a damp Thursday.

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HappyBunny said...

Sorry about the Ding from Kellog. Best of luck for the rest of them. Like you said you can only look forward. Be happy. Put all the effort into things that you can do and control. :) *hugs*

To your last comment, I tried to do that in college, study with while being drunk. I had a DSP exam,however, everyone is going out. I didnt' want to be left out. So I decided to bring my study notes with me. Shots after shots, I was not looking good. At the end I end up in the emergency room mumbling to the doctor how important the exam is to me, and fighting the nurses who wants to take the notes away from me. LoL my college hall of fame story. It's ok to laugh. :P