Wednesday, May 14, 2008

2 More Days

I thought I'd be excited - 2 more days and then I get my first summer vacation in 4 years. But as I sit here, my trainee gone before me for the first time since he started, I'm saddened. It's been a great run at this company. I may complain at times that I'm not as challenged as I'd like to be and some of my tasks lack my admiration, but truth is, I do enjoy my job and the people with whom I work. I suppose I wouldn't be here otherwise.

Tonight, we are having a going away/welcome to the company party. I'm excited as it's fun to get out of work with your co-workers, but I guess this also signifies the end. I had a client call today asking whether I will use a PC or Mac in business school because he wants to send me something to help me in business school. I'm not sure what it is, but the gesture is nice. Another client called 20 minutes ago just updating me on something with her account, asked when my last day is and then proceeded to say the company won't be able to replace me. It feels good, but it doesn't feel like reality. This is the first job I have left and of course, on the best terms possible, but on some level, I feel I should still awake Monday morning for a 7 am workday. Vegas is on the horizon, which is quite exicting, but over the last 4 years, I've taken many weekend trips to Vegas, so it doesn't feel different.

My plans aren't as solid as I'd like them to be for the summer, but I am slowly coming up with a plan that suits me. Looks like I'll pack up and move to C'ville 2 weeks into June. Oh my, I have a lot to go through in my room. However, I don't plan on staying put in C'ville. Just simply setting up my stuff and moving my car before the next adventure. I'll try to write more often as I should have more computer time than I've had over the last few weeks. Looks like the 2011 applicant pool is revving up as well. I'm excited to see so many go-getters. :)

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