Friday, July 17, 2009

The Mirror Before Me

Do you ever look in the mirror and think, so this is it? It's the day before my 27th birthday and I'm honestly not sure what to think. Half my friends are married, a few are pregnant, and then a couple more already have kids! WHOA! Some are on a career path and others are likely still "finding themselves." And here I am ready to finish my internship in 3 weeks and return to my fake adolescent life called business school. Of course, I have some important decisions on the horizon. Where do I want to live? What do I want to do? For which company do I want to work? AH!? It all happened so fast.

It's crazy to think at this time last year I was finishing up my week of Bay Area goodbyes. I remember the craziness of going out every night in an attempt to see everyone that was important to me or had influenced my life in some way. I always thought I'd move back there immediately after business school, at least until I actually moved to Virginia. Getting out again (the first time being college), opened my eyes to another world. I love the Bay Area and in my opinion it is still one of the best places to live, but why not try other places while I'm young.

Then I think, so exactly how young am I? A good friend, who I admire because she does have the guts to move on a whim, picked up and moved to Texas last week! Though she's nowhere near where I would call desirable, I still think her view of the world can be refreshing. Mind you, this is the same friend who returned from living in St. Thomas within the last 2 years. I am not sure I’d ever have the fortitude.

Work is going well, but after an early morning field trip to a call center (which was more interesting than it sounds) and a bit of a fuzzy head (which I fear is the last 3 travel weekends catching up with me), I can't seem to focus today. It's interesting being back on the learning curve and while at times it's fun, I do miss the feeling of knowing it. I used to have days at my previous employer where I just knew everything going on and I felt like I was on top of the world. This business is very different than that one with more integrated parts than I think I ever imagined.

As I think of all these aspects of my life, I wonder what or who I will see in the mirror next year.


Julie said...

Happy Birthday!

I can relate to you on so many levels with this post. Thanks for sharing! (PS 27 is not so bad... but I'm freaked about 28 in just two weeks! You'll have your MBA before you hit 28!)

Mandy said...

happy birthday dearest! hope it was awesome!!!!
and do know that you are still in your "mid-twenties". it's not until you hit 28 that it's "late-twenties".
can't wait to see you when i come back to visit in the fall...if you are in any of the briefings/forums/classes/tailgates we visit!

MechaniGal said...

Happy birthday gorgeous, and thanks for your wishes :)

27 as a number feels a little old, I'll admit but really, thanks to being back in school, I feel like I'm hovering around 25 :) Not too bad eh?

Anonymous said...

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