Tuesday, July 28, 2009


My resume is the source of most of my anxiety these days. I spent all last year editing, sculpting and getting my resume to a point where I am comfortable. I am comfortable with the way it looks and the person it conveys. And here we go, time to rewrite. While I'm grateful for the internship I do have, I do wish the company believed in offers. It's been quite clear that the company hires for need and not before, so the chance of any of us getting an offer before April 2010 is slim, which means, I'm back on the market and my resume carries that much more weight.

So what did I do this summer? I'm struggling to answer that question. While I have fancy names for my projects that make sense internally, an outsider may simply be lost if I attempt to use them. Plus, I have space restrictions. I have an entire section that I can theoretically delete. However, that section shows a bit of me that the rest of my resume does not. This leaves me approximately 4 lines of text for my summer internship and lately I'm at a loss of words. Whenever I think I make sense, the outside world disagrees. I suppose the good news is that I have people willing to work with me. Although, the resume is due August 10th, so I need to work quickly.


Anand said...

In my opinion 2-3 lines, 1-bullet should suffice for your internship experience. Internship is 10 weeks compared to all your work experience to date. make sure that bullet conveys the 1-2 most important things you did. You wont cover everything. resume edits can be endless, take a good shot at it do a couple of reviews and you should be good. You have already done most of the hard work first year. Hope this helps.

Metal said...

Resumes can take up a lot of time...the editing, reviewing, modifying process never ends. But I also feel its worth putting so much time into it....thats all the prospective employers have to "judge" us. Good luck for Fall 09 recruiting.